Sneak Peek: Peep Show + VideoGrass


Peep Show’s fine young talent striking a pose.

God damn camper’s have it good, especially those at the High Cascade Snowboard Camp  VideoGrass session. Don’t believe me, well; who cares, because these kids aren’t only snowboarding all week, but both Peep Show and Videograss held sneak peek premieres just for these young shredders.


Impressionable young ladies, a heckling Video Grass crew and a big ol’ flat screen TV.

Up first was Peep Show’s premiere on Friday night. Held at “Bear Lodge” the pros and industry folk lurking in Govi figured that meant “Big Bear” and showed up ready to party. Scratch that, Bear Lodge is just the name of an all girl HCSC house. After a spot of  smooth damage control, a product giveaway and a little delay Peep show was just moments away.


Jess Kimara started things off with a heartfelt speech. No one heckled.

Super nice guy Lance Hakker somehow convinced the crowd I should introduce the video, and after I completely blew it Jess Kimara stepped up and gave a speech that actually meant something, “…without projects like this girls snowboarding won’t move forward.” Since everyone is afraid of Jess’s inhuman energy and strength no one heckled her.


Laura “Mamma Hades” Hadar made the trip and caught a glimpse of her opening part.

June Bhongjam and Esthera Preda can sure as shit edit a movie. All in all it was on the shorter side, but Peep Show’s second release is a real step forward for female shredding. This flick has beer drinking, cig smoking, titty flashing fun, there’s a knockout or two and the crew is split evenly between girls who can ride like boys and girls who look like boys. Laura Hadar opened it up, and parts from Desire Melancon, Collen Quigley, Darrah Reid, Kjersti Buaas, Marie Hucal, Jess Kimara (her second of the year, check her out in the new Think Thank film as well) and plenty of other young women followed. The film had my favorite shot of the year, a boobie backflip, and Ashbury’s own coloring book guru Mike Hakker had the films ender. The film should end up on the internet soon enough, and truth be told, it’s worth watching. I hope these ladies get the financing to put out a third film next year.


Desire Melancon and Laura figuring out how to give shit away.


From French Canada to the far east, Peep Show spans the globe.


Ben Bogart is the man, the end.


Jess, Gaby Maiden, Marie Hucal and Lance Hakker were in attendance.


Gabby and jump queen Darrah Reid strutted their stuff all over Government Camp this weekend.


Yobeat’s favorite New Yorker Will Bateman is back in town and causing more ruckus than ever before.


Jess Kimara can kick your ass.


This is VideoGrass; Mike Hakker, Darrell Mathes, Mikey Leblanc, Lance Hakker and Justin Meyer.

Saturday night was one to remember, or not, in good ol’ Govi. The VideoGrass teaser had the town, and really the whole industry, buzzing for days. With their official world premiere tonight in downtown Portland, Oregon we’re going to keep this short, but let’s just sum it up like this; awesome fucking intro art, amazing snowboarding, holy shit, tight pants, gangsters, holy shit French Canadians can snowboard, Jed Anderson welcome to the record books and what the fuck just happened. As if that super detailed description wasn’t enough, let me just add that Mikey Leblanc has officially proven to be a leprechaun. At 37 years old, his “final shot” is something only a magical creature could get away with. More on the actual movie after tonight’s world premier.


The photo sucks but the crowd doesn’t–how many pros can you see?


This photo sucks too, until you spot Mikey’s face in the background.


A young HCSC camper went ape shit when she met LNP, there was hugging and screaming and all sorts of noise.

vg_jonasJonas Michilot and Will Tuddenham want to see you in Portland at the VG World Premier.

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