Baw Baw’din: Episodes 2 and 3

Sometimes it’s hard to remember it’s winter other places. We’ve been so busy working on our tans, seemed we failed to post last week’s Baw Baw’din Episode. The good news is: You get two for one this week. Oh yeah, and these guys are actually pretty “punny,” so enjoy their video descriptions as well.

Episode 2: Getting naughty by nature. trees, stumps, logs , rocks, shrubs n grubs. Featuring the bearded tight pants creative M Catsburg and the Mexican man Scotty!

Episode 3: Oh man its so chilli up the mountain, Dog.

Forum Battle at Baw Baw.

1st Robbie Walker
2nd Andrew Roth
3rd Mitch Williams
Best Trick: Matt Galina – Backside 270 hardway 270 out.

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