JP Walker Nabs Sunblock Sponsor!


Man, we were gonna make a joke about this, but the press release really covered how ridiculous this news is for us!

July 27, 2010—Vancouver, Canada– In This Video Sucks it’s stated that Infamous rider JP Walker’s top priority is skin care. This obsession extends beyond slathering his skin with moisturizer; the Don also likes to ensure that his precious epidermis is protected from the sun. Fortunately the good people at Vertra caught on to JP’s fixation and have added him to their prestigious team. “I’m hyped to sign with Vertra,” says JP, “They make amazing products that I was already using before I got hooked up. I’m really stoked to be setting it off for them in the snowboard world.”

Vertra is known for making superior suncare products, and the amazing surf team that stands behind them. Iconic surfer, Shane Dorian was the first surf athlete to represent Vertra. A World Champion, big wave chargers, watermen and surf stars on the rise joined Dorian to round out the team.

Now Walker, an iconic rider and innovator in his own right, has been hand picked by Vertra to be the brand’s premiere snowboarder. Vertra’s team manager, Jun Jo describes the brand’s enthusiasm for their new addition. “We’re so excited here at Vertra to have JP as our first snowboarder on our very talented team. He’s someone that represents style and quality, which goes hand in hand with our sunscreen,” he says.

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  1. surfer dude
    surfer dude says:

    Shane Dorian was never a world champ surfer. But hey JP and the ozone layer are friends now on FB.

  2. jimbo
    jimbo says:

    Shane Dorian is a world champ just like the way teams that win the super bowl are “world champs”. Apparently you don’t actually have to beat, or even challenge, the rest of the world to get that title.

    Funny shit though.

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