Meet: Dump Em


Location: Truckee, CA
Riders: Dylan Bonnie, Matt Rabow, Nial Romanek, Mark Wilson, Forest Bailey, Will Bateman, Dakota Whitaker, Johnny Brady, Matt Bothfield, Jeremy Landy and a bunch-o-kooks
Filmer/Editor: Colton Feldman

At the beginning of last season, we had the great pleasure of encountering Colton Feldman. With his army of friends who were ridiculously good at snowboarding, he churned out a series of entertaining edits dubbed Feldman Fridays. As with all our great regular features, the weekly edits dwindled, but the movie making continued. So we caught back up with Colton to get the full story on the forthcoming Dump Em Out.

How many times did telling girls to “Dump Em” work this season?

Only a couple, best one was up in Plymouth, NH. Girl dumped em, i bird bathed her and a couple kids poured different beverages on her head all at once. A trifecta of happiness. Fantastic.

Where did your filming adventures take you?

We went to the east coast, and Minnesota to film shitty rails and then I was recently invited to Superpark so I went to Mammoth. Most of the time I stayed in Truckee but Reno got snow a couple times so we would just cruise down there and hit all their shitty rails.

Where there any spots that were particularly fruitful?

Reno was probably my favorite. We just knew were everything was and it was so close to home that we got a lot of stuff done. Also UNR had a wicked sweet cafeteria that we could eat at. MN would be cool if it wasn’t so damn cold, that kinda makes it hard to enjoy.


Your internet presence really dwindled over the season, what were you doing? Saving all the good stuff?

I guess I was trying to save the good stuff in a way. I will have a couple new edits soon to make up for it, promise.

Was it annoying that Forest kept winning contests rather than filming? Did you at least make him pay for some gas?

No, not at all. Forest dedicated a good 2 months to filming. He’s an amazing snowboarder and friend, he put a lot of work into his part. We all split gas everywhere but I think he bought me a couple Bruggers bagels. I owe you Forest.

Who else rode killed it for you camera especially hard this season?

Everybody did amazing stuff. I swear Nial Romanek could ride his snowboard upside down and still press a kink rail. Matt Rabow and Dylan Bonnie are amazing to watch and did some really cool stuff as well. Johnny Brady did really well at Superpark. Mark Wilson has some good footage and Will Bateman had some unbelievable guitar hero solos.

Which videos are you most looking forward to this year?

Friendly Fire, House of 1817, Bon Voyage, In Color, and the bhappy movie seems to be looking damn good. Rob Balding (get in the van) and I are not 100% sure if we’re doing Dump Em Out together this year so if we each do our own thing I would be real excited to see his project.


What do you think makes a snowboard video good?

I like when a film makes people laugh. Have some “cool” tricks but doesn’t have such a serious, professional vibe to it.

Filming/editing set up?

I have a great dane pup and an hvx200 that straps nicely to his big head. He also edits everything.

When can we expect the final product to drop, and where can the people see it?

The movie should be done by the end of this month or maybe sometime in August. It will be a download movie and all the money will be donated to a friend of mine who had the bad luck of getting brain cancer. So, DONT BE STINGY AND DOWNLOAD IT

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  1. ben strause
    ben strause says:

    i yelled dump em at some slut tonight, she said what? and i said dont act like you dont know what that means. she dumped her drink in a sink and i said your a bitch and you know i meant dump your tits. she said im no slut. 2 hours later no dump…o i waited and waited only to end the night driving drunk and seeing no tits. but luckily internet porn is around so i eventually had a successful night. to end with a positive note, colton is the man and this video should be soooo sick, especially if there is tits. also thanks for the bhappy shout out.
    love ben

  2. jerm
    jerm says:

    went there and filmed shitty rails, then we went there and filmed some more shitty rails. hahahahaha so good

  3. Blake Geis
    Blake Geis says:

    don’t forget ben, we got that high school slut to dump em like 4 times one night. colton blew it and didn’t come to the party

  4. dogzilla
    dogzilla says:

    fuck yes. tufflove was the shit, i cant wait for the new vid. more stoked on it than i am for any of the major vids honestly

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