High Fives with Todd RIchards—Bored Yet?


Honestly life has two options, either you’re young and bored or old and really bored. No one can keep their level of excitement sky high at all times, and when these lazy (and scorching) days of summer are upon us, there’s only one thing to do, figure out why you should leave the house. With that mentality Yobeat suggests you look towards Todd, and see what he’d do in some of summer’s more common situations.

What movie do people need to go see this summer, and what movie should everyone rent?

I say go see Leo’s new joint, Matrix 4. I think that you should go and rent Gentlemen Bronco’s.

Best summer date night strategy to ensure you get lucky?

Let’s just face it, if you are using this web site as advice on how to get lucky, just roofy yourself and hang out in front of a bar.

Should kids spend their summer on the beach, at the lake or camping at Mt. Hood?

I say a wicked combo of all! Why limit yourself, go bonkers! Throw New Zealand in there too, or maybe Paris? Everyone loves Paris in the summer. Smell of dogshit in the air….mmmm Paris.

Should all snowboarders learn to skate? Should snowboarders ever rollerblade?

The real question we have to ask is does it even matter? As of recently much of snowboarding is about two steps away from rollerblading anyhow. I say we should all learn how to Heeley. They are way more practical. I hear there is Heeley mega ramp this summer at X Games.

If kids can’t get to the mountain in the summer what does Todd advise they do?

Buy a plastic pool at Target and marinate. That’s all you can do.

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  1. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    Seriously.. even this short of an interview with Todd is enough to brighten my day. dude is hilarious. I’m all about the heeley mega ramp.

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