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Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah the young and shy Brandon Hobush has let his riding, and nothing but, pave a nice little future for himself. Shy as hell Brandon is one of the nicest and most humble kids I’ve come across, and his incredible talent doesn’t hurt his situation either. Oddly enough when I met with him at HCSC he told me he didn’t really have any photos around, and he had never filmed a real part. We snapped a few real quick before he had to get back to work, he mentioned he’ll be in next years Thirty Two video, and without trying he impressed my pants off and lived up to his growing reputation.

You seem ridiculously humble, have you ever been excited for yourself?

I dunno, I, I dunno?

Were you happy that you won the 2010 Pipe to Pipe or did you feel bad for beating the guy who got 2nd place?

I was happy that I won the Pipe to Pipe for sure, and Everest, who got second, is a really good friend of mine. I was surprised I got first though, I thought he was going to take it.

You grew up in SLC, are you a Mormon?

My parents are Mormon, I was raised Mormon, but I haven’t gone to church in a while and I don’t really practice that anymore.

How many moms do you have?

One, only one.

Did you ever practice soaking in High School?

What? I don’t even know what that is, what is that?

It’s when kids just sorta stick it in and “soak” rather than risk God’s wrath by engaging in intercourse.

No, no I definitely sent it.

b_bluntThe shyest kid with the loudest tricks.

Who would be a better snowboarder, God, Joseph Smith or Satan?

Oh that’s a hard question. It’s a dilema. (The bartender interrupted with, “Joseph Smith because the other two are figments of your imagination.”) Just put that, just please put that as my answer. I choose the bartender’s answer.

How long have you been with your girlfriend?

A year and a half.

If you go pro and begin traveling the world will dump her to slay the land?

(Long Pause) No way. I like snowboarding with her and it’s always a good time and I like her, so, I’m not going to just screw her over.

You can actually go snowboarding with your girlfriend?

Yeah, she kills it too.

Prior to meeting her had you ever taken another girlfriend snowboarding?

Hell no. Hell no.

Why does it work with her then?

Well she worked at Brighton and I did too, and that’s how we met. She was shredding pow and I was shredding pow and bang, now we can ride together.

b_switchbacklipFirst try switch Backlip–Nuts.

Yobeat had never heard of you before this summer, now you’re a Pipe to Pipe champion. You’re obviously coming out of the snowboard closet, how does it feel?

I dunno I’m just trying to have as much fun snowboarding as possible and it seems like it’s working out. I’ve just been riding with my friends and it’s been awesome.

How was last winter for you?

Last winter was good, wait, like barely last winter?

Yeah like the one that just happened.

Oh yeah, it was good. I was working at Brighton, park crew, and I road pretty much every single day. I only took off a couple of days.

b_pole_1Coming soon for your enjoyment, Learn Something with Brandon Hobush.

A lot of guys have been coming out of the Brighton Park Crew lately. Nick Dirks did it, Cam Pierce just did, do you think working Brighton Park Crew has helped brighten your future?

Yeah Brighton is an awesome place. Awesome park, terrain is amazing, the vibe is awesome. You can go there and meet plenty of people and they’re all down to snowboard and you can just have such a good time.

Have you ever filmed a part or gone out to shoot photos?

I’ve filmed parts but just with like friends and stuff. Photos, not really, just like me and my friends I guess. You know like, this person films while you drop and then you film while he drops, just stuff like that.

Do you have any big plans for next winter?

Well 32 is going to make an Am video and luckily, somehow they are going to let me be in it. So I’m pretty stoked on that, and hopefully I will myself.

b_backscratcherReach for the sky!

I hear you drive a PT Cruiser, what the fuck are you thinking?

That’s my girlfriends car and no I don’t like to drive it at all. It’s my girlfriends car. I’m too poor to have a car so pretty much she makes me drive around everywhere, and then I have to beg her to drive her car. It sucks, it doesn’t even work. We seriously have to get it fixed like once a month, like something always goes wrong with it. But it gets us to the mountain, so it works.

What was High School like?

Well I would tell you if I had graduated. Pretty much I didn’t graduate because I just went snowboarding everyday. Like I told my parents I went to school but really I was just snowboarding and somehow it worked out the whole winter that they thought I was at school while I was snowboarding. But then at the end of winter they found out and I got screwed. It was kind of a crazy thing.

What did your parents do when they found out you weren’t graduating?

Ugh, definitely wasn’t good. I ended up moving out right when I turned 18. I just left and I didn’t really end up doing anything, just kinda being a bum I guess.

Are your parents supportive of you now, and do you think they’ll be happy to see this interview?

Yeah I mean my parents are supportive all the way. They’re the ones who bought me a snowboard, bought me my season passes forever, I mean they’ve been my biggest supporters. They’ve been stoked on everything I’ve done. I try and send them all the little videos I’m in and they are always like, “Hey good job.” But no yeah, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be snowboarding like I am now.

b_hipIt’s tweaks like these that snagged Brandon’s Pipe to Pipe win.

Dreams and ambitions of a High School Drop out turned HCSC digger?

To become a pro snowboarder someday hopefully. That would be really awesome. Do a lot of skating. Pretty much just have a good time. Just enjoy life.

Do you take your beanie off during sex?

Brandon: Yes. The Girlfriend: No. Brandon: What, yes I do! The GF: Only if I take it off for you. Brandon: That is not true.

You’re incredibly laid back, how’s that working for you?

Working good. Snowboarding and skating and hanging out with my girlfriend and my dog. Hanging with my friends and having fun, I mean this is all I really need.

Can you jump on a snowboard, you know, spins and shit?

Yes I can do spins.

b_methAfter a front 720 Brandon wanted a Back180 Method. He got it.

Worst injury you’ve had?

Broken wrist. It was pretty bad. Right when it happened I knew it was broke and I lifted my jacket up and well, my wrist looked like a halfpipe. The worst part about it was I went down to the ski patrol area, and they tried to fix it with weights while my fingers were in these wires, like these pulley things, and it didn’t work so the ski patrol dude comes in and is all, “Oh, didn’t look like it worked too well.” then he looks at my dad and goes, “You might want to leave this is where parents get sick.” Then he just starts yanking my wrist and I was just freaking out. He was just pulling at it and I could just feel it popping. Luckily it went back into place, but yeah, that was the worst.

Would you rather wake up to a powder day or a blowjob?

Oh, probably the pow day because she’d wanna go snowboarding too. Yeah, we’d probably rush to the mountain for sure. The girlfriend: Or it would just be on the way…

Headed into next winter are you excited about the road infront of you?

Yeah, I’m just so glad that snowboarding’s working out. Everyone around me is having fun, and I’m having fun. Snowboarding’s awesome.

How much did you win at Pipe to Pipe?

$600 and that’s how much I owed on my credit card so that’s where it went.

Who else helps with your debt?

Thirty-Two, Etnies, Milo Sport, Ashbury, Celtek, and Cobra Dogs. Yeah that’s probably all of them.

Last question, and it’s for your girlfriend. Since Brendan just got this interview, do you think he could get a celebratory blowjob tonight?

Yeah I guess…(laughs)

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