Happy Thoughts and Hump Day with Andrew Brewer



Andrew might look like he will knife you, but he’s a really nice guy. Photo Jason Tackitt

Interview by Josh Parker

Dirty gypsy. Lover of death metal. Belligerent drunk. Great friend. All of these things describe Andrew Brewer. From his early days in Tahoe winning major rail contests to this year filming for 3 video parts, Andrew has always kept a cool head. That is until you run into him at 3 a.m. in downtown Reno after he’s been day drinking for the last 10 hours. Dressed in all black on the slopes, you would never know that this silent destroyer is one of the kindest guys on the mountain. Hailing from Colorado, Andrew is taking Tahoe, Reno, and the snowboarding world by storm……as long as he can wake up from his hangover.

Where do you live?

Reno, NV

Why do you live there?

I moved there to be able to snowboard in Tahoe.

Why live in Reno and not in Tahoe?

There is more to do in Reno than in Tahoe, but it’s still close enough to shred. Crazy nightlife and more people. And because I’m going to school at UNR.

What have you been up to this season?

Filming with Finger on da Trigger and Filming with Comune. Working on the Bangshow video.


Why wouldn’t you live in Reno? Photo Robbie Sell

You’re known as a contest kid in Tahoe, you’ve won a lot of events. How was it filming your first real video part(s)?

Contests were a good way to get into it. Once the opportunities came up to film, contests took a backseat. It’s intimidating as shit to film with real companies. There were some features that we filmed this year that I normally would have walked past without thinking about twice, but with these crews they pushed me to step my game up. I liked how with filming a video part you got to be creative and hit different spots every day. With contests, it’s the same stuff every time and that gets boring.

How do you decide which footage goes where?

I filmed with different filmers for each project. When I filmed with FODT, that footage went to that movie. When I filmed with the Comune video, that footage went to them and the Bangshow.

What’s up with the Bangshow?

Bangshow was originally a blog started by my little brother in CO that I eventually started helping out with. Now it has become a huge group of dudes that snowboard, bang chicks (hence the bangshow), and drink. While hanging with Greg, Goodwin, Max, Sproat, Charlie, Helmet, and the rest of the Bangshow dudes, I’ve never seen so much fucked up shit.

What can we expect from that movie?

Its called Back to the Boneyard, and you should be expecting lots of mediocre and good snowboarding, mixed in with a little bit of booze and bad decisions.


Which video will this stalefish end up in? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Photo Jason Tackitt

The Comune video is called Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformations Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden on the Moon. What’s that movie gonna be like and what’s with the name?

The answer to that would be “I have no fucking idea what that’s gonna be like.” I know there is gonna be a lot of creative people behind this video. There’s also gonna be multiple edits of the video from people such as Shelby Menzel (of Love/Hate fame) and Corey Smith.

What’s with the teasers?

They are meant to fuck with people’s heads. I think the main point is to piss people off so that they are forced to watch the movie. When there is so much controversy surrounding anything, people get interested in it.

What about FODT’s The Arena. Who’s parts are gonna be big?

As far as I know, I’d be looking out for Travis Kennedy, Cronk, and Jake Devine. They definitely dropped some hammers in Tahoe this year. It was super fun filming with those dudes because they pushed me a lot. As far as the Salt Lake guys go, I’m not too sure.

What do you like about filming with the T9 guys versus the Comune guys?

I liked filming with both a lot. Overall the thing I like most about FODT, we always had a plan with stuff lined up to film. Comune was the opposite (but in a good way.) It was always day to day and seeing what we could find. I really like the seriousness that came with FODT and I really liked the fun “never know what your gonna get” aspect about filming with Comune.


Hanging out with arsty guys, being artsy. Photo Robbie Sell

You’re a tight pants guy. How is it to film with both tight pants guys and baggy pants guys?

No one ever said anything. Once you get to a certain point, other boarders quit caring about what you’re wearing and start caring more about your riding.

Why do you think people care so much about what others wear?

Jealousy and Immaturity. The simple fact that the people making the comments don’t know how to critique people for anything other than what they wear. Its weird that only tight pants riders get made fun of and not the gangstas that wear 15 layers of tie-dyed XXXL shirts.

What do you think of all the negative comments and hate in general on online forums?

It doesn’t really affect me. After this people will probably hate on me too. I wish people focused more on the riding and editing than what someone is wearing. There is really no reason to hate, but I wish people would critique more than just hate. If you want to give advice on how to make something better than do that, but don’t just say, “you look like a fag”

What kind of riding do you like to do and why?

I like everything. I really like to be on a snowboard and have fun. Everything from backyard jumps, lapping the park at Northstar, hitting a handrail, or taking pow turns. I like to do it all ……except icy pipes.


More fun than icy pipes. Photo: Robbie Sell

What do you think of all this double cork, triple cork madness?

Good for them. I think it’s cool and they are pushing the sport. I feel like people are so focused on who is flipping the most instead of focusing on style. I would rather watch a gnarly back 180 than a triple cork 1440 or whatever the fuck they are doing now. I feel like people are starting to care less about style and I don’t like that shit.

What makes snowboarding important to you?

I feel like the standard answer for this question would be “Friends.” But what makes it most important to me is that it an escape from every day life and it keeps me balanced and on my toes. Plus it gives me an excuse to party all the time.

Any summer shred plans?

None yet, but who knows what will happen. I’ve been super burned out on Hood in general and could use a break from that scene but then again, it could always be a good time up there.

What are you doing instead of boarding this summer?

Go to LA a lot and visit my home in Colorado.

Why LA?

To hang out, I love it down there because of the people and the diversity. There are a lot more people like myself to hang out with. And you can’t beat the weather.

What does the future hold for you?

Hopefully film again with FODT and hopefully film with Comune again as well. Try and travel a little bit more and hopefully keep my sponsors happy.

Who are those sponsors?

Comune, Monster, DC, Eternal Boardshop, Magical Go Go, IS Design, POW Gloves, Raiden Bindings, Landing Headwear, and my parents.

Any last words?

Words to live by would be “don’t give a fuck about what other people think about you and do your own thing.”


Tahoe, only 30 minutes from Reno! Photo: Robbie Sell

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