High Fives with Todd Richards—Guest Starring Louie Vito


Todd Richards is known to dish out a lot of shit, so Yobeat has decided to let Louie Vito test Todd’s “taking it” abilities. Louie’s come under fire plenty this year, and happens to be one of Todd’s favorite people to pick on, so we feel it’s his time to dish. So while Louie’s getting rich, and starring on Primetime shows, Todd’s on MTV2 and hoping Louie stays onboard at Omatic. We’ll keep you posted regarding Todd’s ability to “take it”.

Todd Richards has a daughter. Should her first boyfriend be nervous about meeting “Daddy”?

I don’t know how any kid is going to be scared of Todd. Yeah, he will roast him like no other but how are you scared of a Dad who has action figures all over the house? Plus, there is a good chance you will catch him still playing with them when you come over.

Would you rather star in a reality TV show on a major network or host a show on MTV2?

Well it think it’s weird when there is a celeb’ who is a celeb’ because they are a reality TV star. I am known for that though, but at least I snowboard too. Hosting is pretty cool, not gonna lie, even if it’s a show that has JOCK in the title.

Do you ever threaten to leave Omatic to make Todd do things your way?

Kinda sorta, but Todd has always had my back on things. I just tell him what’s goin’ on and he does what he can to help.

Knowing that Todd holds a less than flattering view of the Mormon religion, how did he feel about your televised dancing partner being a Mormon?

Ahhhh, he liked her. He isn’t going to make a girl cry, especially when she is the one teaching me everything. Todd wanted me to stay on the show.  But we also didn’t give him a chance to go into his views.  We kept those to a minimum.

What’s cooler, being Louie Vito or Todd Richards?

Well I think it’s cooler being me. But Todd still rips at 40 or 43 or whatever he is, still looks like he’s in his 20s and is pretty much loved by everyone. So maybe when I’m that old I will want to be as cool as him. But as of now, it’s still cooler being me.

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