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Somehow, Nick Lipton ended up with an Intern this summer. We’re not sure why anyone would be willing to work for Nick, much less think he would have anything to teach them, but we’re totally down with free labor! Jeff Holce, the intern in question, also happens to run the park at Mt Hood Snowboard camp (yes, it still exists!) and for his first assignment, put together this video of his adventures.

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  1. steven
    steven says:

    boring. looks like every other stupid eastcoast/midwest homie edit ever posted.
    let lipton make the movies and make the interns wash nick’s new subaru.

  2. sarahgall
    sarahgall says:

    JEFF! i got a yobeat account hah
    i like the end of this video with the stupid little ski racers throwing their ski poles at eachother haha

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