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Minnesota has been pumping out snowboard super stars for years, so it’s no surprise that House of 1817’s weekly edits were full of hammers. Monday Minute was arguably the best video series of last season, so when the 1817 Movie was announced, you damn well should have been excited. Riley Erickson was kind enough to fill us in on a little more info about the motley crew of viking blood that makes up the crew, and are making the movie happen.

Location: Everywhere.
Riders: Anyone who’s down for the cause. mainstays are Jake OE, Joe Sexton, Austin Young, Ethan Deiss, Chris Bradshaw, Cody Beiersdorf, Jonas Michilot, Jeffy Gabrick, Jordan Michilot, Victor Simco, Keegan Valaika, John Hodge, Scary Gary, Joe Mertes, Ricky Tucker, Zach Snow, Brandon Larson, Will Bateman, The Hakkers when they’re not yapping about the Lakers. the list goes on and on and on
Filmer/Editor: Riley Erickson and Sam Fenton do the majority of the filming but there are contributions from everywhere. and I do most of the editing.

Is the house of 1817 a real place?

It is/was a real place. it was less of a house and more of a 2 bedroom attic apartment that Dan Nicholas moved into and then John Hodge and Joe Sexton moved into our closet and pantry. It has evolved into just a crew of friends and like minded individuals.

Why did you guys decide to make a full length movie?

Hodge brought the idea up and everyone that heard it said it was a good idea. plus all of our homies rip so it’s kinda self explanatory after that. and tons of people were down with the idea so here we are.

What can we expect, will it be mostly footage shot around MN?

A lot of it, yeah. There is no such thing as a budget and we would just get out filming when we can so it’s a lot of local stuff.

You work with some heavy hitters, will guys like Jonas, who were filming for other movies as well, have full parts?

To be honest I don’t know if anyone will have a full part. haha. It will be one big montage.

Who killed it the hardest the season?

Sam Fenton and Cody Beiersdorf

Which of the Michelot brothers has more game?

That’s a tough one. On the basketball court I’d have to say Jonas just because I’ve never played Jordan. With the ladies I’ll say Jordan just to boost his ego. You can do it buddy! haha.

What are you guys doing this summer?

Skating. editing. A bunch of guys went out to Hood. they’re all having fun, traveling, and I’m being an adult and working 40 hr/wk.

Which other videos are you most excited for this fall?

MAKEFRIENDS – google it. VG. those guys are buddies and there is a lot of talent in that video. I’m really looking forward to the People video because Pierre always produces good shit, I’m really excited for Joe’s part in it too. I’m excited for all of them. I just like watching snowboard videos. all the free online ones I’m hyped on too.

What do you think makes a snowboard movie good?

Good snowboarding.

Filming/editing set up?


When will the video drop and where can people see it?

Video will have a world wide web world premier on Halloween 2010. You can watch it at and I’m sure it will pop up a few other places.

Catch up on all the Monday Minutes here

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  1. EspenSv
    EspenSv says:

    I’m biting my knees out of excitement. Fucking July and I’m praying for snow. Awesome teasers/whatever it is. Gonna be a killer vid!

  2. Riley
    Riley says:

    haha. I forget that you guys exist until i see the random posts where you’re still trying to get a rise out of me. Keep at it.

  3. treeblazer
    treeblazer says:

    i love to see this.. 1817 entertained me all year. interview colin walters about the hoboshredwear next. their season was gnarly as well

  4. stephanie knowles
    stephanie knowles says:

    hello this is the second time ive done this so forgive me if im a little short. I like what u have going and would like to know more about it as well as pass the word on with some phat stickers. much appreciated.

    Thank you

    stephanie knowles
    215 Old Tulalip Rd
    Tualaip WA 98271

  5. stephanie knowles
    stephanie knowles says:

    i HAVE fkt up for the forth time now and have to start all over so this might be short sorry. I like what u have going and would like to know more about it and pass the word on with some phat stickers. I would appreciate it.

    thank you

    stephanie knowles
    215 Old Tulalip Rd
    tulalip WA 98271

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