Straight from Norway: Folgefonna Camp Week 1

Our best British friend Ben Marshall has found himself in another obscure shred location, this time a ski and snowboard camp on a glacier in Norway. He was kind enough to write us up our own little story about the first session, and if there weren’t so many damn skiers there, we might have even made it a feature. But what can you do, apparently that shit is popular again…

Folgefonna (ski &) snowboard camp is a norwegian summer camp up on the folgefonn glacier. As well as campers, race teams and the general public, the summer resort plays host to countless back country film crews and the occasional massive park feature.

Right now the park is in damn good shape, a solid triple and double kicker line, rail park and a set of small jumps. Even though this is apparently a bad year for snow, there’s plenty of it going around at the moment and things should be good at least until the last week of camp in July.

The camp itself is sound as. Chilled kids, loads of trampolines, skate ramps on the site and DJ Hero.


Skier finding his feet ready for landing, Trampoline contest.


Calle & Mattias – DJ Heroes

The highlight of the week is definitely the milk drinking contest. The first camper to finish their alloted portion gets to camp for free the following year. Results ranged from slightly ill to tearful.


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