Windell’s Session 2 Recap and Video Time

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June is coming to a close and winter has loosened its chilly hold on the Northwest, allowing summer to set in on Mount Hood. There’s been no complaining at snowboard camp though, because a few extra powder days are never a bad thing. During Session 2 at Windells, campers took advantage of the fresh snow on June 16th and enjoyed the typical sunny and sick Hood weather the rest of the week. The second session of the season at Windells is finished and summer just keeps getting better.

In addition to tons of park laps, tons of skating and tons of running amuck back on campus, Session 2 was littered with pros that came to get their fill of slushy park laps. Broc Waring and Trevor Jacob built a jib and gap-filled quarterpipe at the top of the Windells park as their Dreamfeature. Along with Mason Aguirre, Trevor and Broc put on one of the best camp events ever: the Nike Donut Challenge, which combined donuts, chocolate sauce, nacho cheese, mayonnaise, frozen peas, hot sauce and a ton of prizes from 6.0. Trevor and Broc took to the skatepark and dirt jumps while they were at camp, too–wait until you see the footage, Trevor may be setting some sort of multi-sport backflip record this summer.

The Neff RV came by to hand out ice cream and stickers to everyone, and Danny Kass rolled through with the Grenade RV to ride for the weekend, stoking out one camper named Noah, when Danny gave him the mittens right off his hands. Seb Toots and Megan Ginter joined Coach Austin Hironaka for Ride Snowboards Field Day and Dylan Bidez, Nils Mindnich and lady-grom Ty Walker hung out as well, taking laps in the halfpipe and skating the Concrete Jungle. Not bad for a week at Windells!

For more, check out Daily blog updates and live webcams let you in on all the action, even if you aren’t at camp. See you after Session 3!