Firing Squad: June 29, 2010

Well look at this, we find ourselves in another championship battle. Despite greenish wheels and an “overly saturated” sky, our champ just keeps winning. But this is the one that really matters, and the past weeks were just practice. Do we have another Champions Gallery inductee, or does the way the challenger captured some nollie heel flippin’ action have enough to reign supreme?

The Champ


The Challenger


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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack, as well as a chance to compete in the year-end Ultimate Champions battle. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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  1. about time
    about time says:

    dope! about time something worthy of being on here. nice photo
    but looks like he aint gonna land. board seems to far behind front foot.

  2. Z
    Z says:

    haha yeah, that is definitely cookie, and that’s a nollie inward heel, nobody spins nollie heels like that. So basically this is completely photog VS photog, same rider, and finally 2 photos worthy of competing.

  3. purple
    purple says:

    the challengers is unique. you can tell its 35mm film and its interesting. the champs is just borring. if the rider didnt have sunglasses on the shot would be nothing. the challengers is different in such a good way and so nicely timed and composed. CHALLENGER FTW

  4. Z
    Z says:

    Haha purple douche was on her way to making a valid point until she regarded the champ’s photo as useless without the sunglasses, which is like saying that colby’s photo wouldn’t be sick without cookie’s hat. Also, not hating on colby AT ALL, but it’s not inherently obvious that it’s 35mm, I’ve seen digis take photos that look a lot like that.

  5. Ballinyoface!
    Ballinyoface! says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaupppp, shittin on shits! just vote for who you like. chill with the advertising and per swaying just vote you pussys.

  6. Ballinyoface!
    Ballinyoface! says:

    Zack… you know its me. i gave you the little hint in my spelling area above. dgfhskjl pussyyyy in youre face!

  7. colby strong
    colby strong says:

    well that purple girl is right about it being 35mm, wrong about the sunglasses. its the same shit, sunglasses/beanie.

  8. Z
    Z says:

    Yeah Colby, I wasn’t saying it wasn’t 35mm, I was just saying it didn’t make me think film immediately like some of your MF work.

  9. Z
    Z says:

    Ever notice how sometimes even after you shake you still get a little pee on your leg? I love to comment on everything!

  10. Cdog
    Cdog says:

    Gotta like this week no distracting shadows. Both Photos are wicked good but going to stick with the Champ.

  11. b-m
    b-m says:

    the chalenger shot looks like a snap shot the side walk is pink, Black. shadow on the steps from the flash in wrong place.Take a. photo lession

  12. colby strong
    colby strong says:

    b-m that can be your opinion if you like, but go to this spot and youll probably feel pretty stupid. the sidewalk is pink and theres nowhere to put flashes. its a tight squeeze. unlike your mom. eat a dick. faggot.

  13. James
    James says:

    A tight squeeze is still no excuse for the flash flare on the left and how the photo isn’t level, also did he even land this trick? For an inward heel that catch is a bit off, not saying the champ doesn’t have flaws that angle could be a bit more feirce but clearly he’s catching and landing it at least.

  14. Holy Crap
    Holy Crap says:

    Wow skateboarders and skateboard photographers are a bunch of fags. You guys whine like no other. Go back to dvr’ing Gossip Girl and stay off this site. Z, you are a fucking tool, for real.

    Snowboarding photography for the win!

  15. Jay
    Jay says:

    Although photography is subjective for the most part, I can’t help but think that both of these compositions are a bit too static. For the “champ”, it drives me crazy that the photographer chose to shoot it vertically. I understand that it’s arguable that the vertical format allows the viewer to observe the rough ground the skater landed on, but I think it’s too much. My eye starts at the skater, who’s wardrobe colors conflict with the background a bit too much (tan pants/ white shirt on tan/ white wall), not to mention the t shirt is a bit blown out in areas. After that, my eyes jump to the ground, and finally the bluest sky i’ve ever seen in my life. I think the photo would have been easier on the eyes if it were shot horizontal and some altering on the post production. The photographer could have chosen to shoot horizontally and still show some of the rough ground, but it wouldn’t have drown so much of the frame. As for the challenger, the vertical format is working better in this one. It’s driving me crazy that the vertical lines aren’t straight though. The street lamp at the right of the frame could have been a nice element, but the photographer chose to cut it half way out. Of course it can be okay to have things partially cropped out of frame, but not in this case. Both of these are sick tricks though, I guess we all just have our own opinions on how we would have approached it. Plus, I’m sure a lot of the people here aren’t into photography enough to critique a photo further than the trick.

  16. Penn
    Penn says:

    Jay has the only agreeable comment on here, Holy Crap is just a piece of shit, b-m is pretty harsh, and people just love to hate. I agree with a lot that Jay said, except the mention of the Champ shooting vertical. I think it was not a bad idea to shoot vertical, get a little bit more height from the fish, and it’s certainly a lot harder to hide 2 flashes in a horizontal fisheye shot, but to each their own.

  17. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I’d digg the champ more if it were composed better. I get the impression the photog was either not fully ready, or not paying attention to his frame lines. Things don’t NEED to be parallel, but it’s usually nicer on the eyes, I think.

    And seriously? What’s all this nonsense about poor flash placement. Here’s a photo lesson for you sonny-boy. When you shoot with a flash in the day, you’re going to have conflicting shadows no matter what. That is unless of course you have one of those cool new hover-flashes that matches the angle of the sun

    Champ for the win

  18. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Oh yeah, I agree with penn on that vertical comment. Not to mention that if this kid submits any of his photos, he’s going to shoot portrait since it’s industry standard

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