Terrible Tuesday: Closing Weekend at Snowbird


Milk it for all its worth!

Saturday June 19th, 2010 closing weekend at snowbird with Parker Worthen, Casey Nelson, Ramblin’ Rob, Jason Hindman, and, Cheeseburger

  • fritz

    thats sick I didn’t know they kept that place open so late in the season.

  • hosen

    my favorite edit in a long time.

  • deadlung

    nelly! fakie ollie sevy!

  • Looked good but wheres the river boardin at!

  • mark

    these guys ride fun, wish it was a longer edit.

  • 84105

    that was such a fun day, super hot tho. SOOOO many MILF’s on the tram deck

  • 19143

    19th? Shyyyttt we here PA closed April 3rd, and that was pushing it.