Pour One Out for Charlie


If you’ve gone snowboarding on Mt. Hood, then there’s a good chance you’ve encountered Charlie, or at least, given him some money. Sadly, Charlie Sperr Sr., the man who started and ran Charlie’s Mountain View, passed away in his sleep on June 20th, 2010.

As one of the two bars in town, Charlie’s has been a must visit since it opened in 1977. It the “good ol’ days” it was not just a watering hold, but the only establishment with antenna TV (aka contact with the outside world), otherwise known as “Charlie Vision.”

And Charlie’s legacy in Gov’y started long before Charlie’s doors opened. He actually started the Ratskellar in 1963. According to Cobra Dog’s Cory Grove, he was also the purveyor of the first hot dog stand in the town, not to mention a WW2 vet and and all around badass. He could usually be found sitting in his chair at the end of the hardwood bar.

So if you make it to Gov’y this year, be sure to stop by Charlie’s, have a drink, and pour some out for Charlie.

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  1. Peter Troy
    Peter Troy says:

    worst news ever. Rest in peace Charlie. My good man, you’ll be missed. I’ll pour my pinner out for you.

  2. Nubnuts
    Nubnuts says:

    Charlie, thank you for your fine bar and the good times it has provided over the years. Rest peacefully, Sir!

  3. 720boardshop
    720boardshop says:

    Thanks Charlie, I’ve spent alot of cash in your bar but every dollar was worth it for sure. Even with the weird locals who seem to have no understanding of snow sports and the meth head lookin staff (not saying they are just sayin they might have that look dialed) I always met cool people who shared my passion for shredding. Thanks for a good watering hole, RIP Charlie !

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