High Fives with Todd Richards—Virginity!


Remember a few weeks ago when we asked you what topic you would like High Five’d? Well, you filthy perverts picked Virginity, so here we go…

How did you lose your virginity, and was it everything you had hoped for?

Well, by anything you hoped for, do you mean sparks shot out my ass? No. It was awkward and weird and bent…no wait that was something else entirely.

What is the best way to lose your virginity?

By a legion of roman greico soldiers that all look like Brad Pitt? Fuck who knows, ask a chick.

What is the worst way to lose your virginity?

Joran Vandersloot.

Would you rather have lost your virginity to your girlfriend at Prom or to a friend in Junior High after sharing a Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

Junior High is like the standard now for sure. I was a prom guy, or around that time. I was like four feet tall in High School and a skater back in the late 80’s. Not really the best combanation for awesomeness. I was lucky if I could show it to someone.

Are there any pro-snowboarder virgins? What pro has taken the most V-cards?

Is the Grenade RV considered a pro? I always wanted Danny to make a sticker that said, “I misplaced my virginity in the Grenade RV at the US Open.”

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  1. NoYouDo
    NoYouDo says:

    @Estes (jealous virgin) – Or one of the best… “What is the worst way to lose your virginity? – Joran Vandersloot.” Here’s to hoping he gets everything he deserves, and more.

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