Timewasters Pain & Glory


So much cool shit is on the internet, and we are here to bring you bits and pieces of both classics and the newest of random internet mayhem. Sit back, turn off the ol’ noggin and enjoy some music by South African badasses Die Antwoord, some chick/shit combos, the coolest thing from Mortal Kombat in years and some other junk.

Gravity is a bitch, but it sure is funny.

Seriously crying is so weak–but I guess so is shitting yourself in public…

Mom pissing you off? Take a note from this little slugger. Fat, dumb and taking charge!


Meet Die Antwoord. They are from South Africa. The chick is crazy looking/crazy cute. The dude is

rad. Enjoy.

7 replies
  1. Benny the Jet
    Benny the Jet says:

    I don’t know why you don’t just post all the Chris Bradshaw videos on youtube instead of this dumb shit. Seriously, who wants to see anything besides ya boi bustin’ some cab 3s?

  2. HBake
    HBake says:

    i’m going to go out on a limb and say it was filmed somewhere in south africa…so yeah, you’re nowhere near that fucking neighborhood.

  3. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    That last video was horrid! The mortal kombat trailer is nuts though! …Hopefully hollywood doesn’t F that one up.

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