Billy Mackey’s Mile High Hump Day



I’ve never seen Shaun White ride clouds.     p. Ryan Taylor

It would be so easy to point out Billy Mackey is one dirty S.O.B. As it would be easy to mention he’s from Colorado, a youngster and a talented snowboarder, but everyone says that about Billy. What you don’t often hear is Colorado’s denim clad son is actually a nice young man, who loves his family, is crazy about snowboarding and could really give a rats ass about how often his pants are the subject of laughter. He’s not a wild man, nor a fake, he’s just a weird ass kid from the woods of Colorado, and possibly the most sarcastic and dirt covered talent Colorado has ever produced.

What’s up with you this year? Where’s your footage going?

Well the COMUNE video as many know will be different but fuckin’ rad, won’t be like every other double cork jock film, and then my homies video Back to the Boneyard will just be raw. I think it will be cool, it will show the way snowboarding should be, no rules just fun.

Do you think you’re going to make it as a pro snowboarder?

Shit man now why would I wanna think about that? If it happens it happens. The way snowboarding is goin’ who knows. I know how to do one double cork. That’s it, I’m not roidsy enough I guess, and I retired that trick for myself, shit’s beat.

What are your life goals?

Well, live long enough to see what real life is all about, have some fun. I mean shit, tits and beer is why were here right? So, just see how it goes.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

My dad he has more fun than anyone I know, well minus the cop part, but I’m too young too think about that. I still don’t know what I wanna eat for dinner.

dsc_9753That’s Bill’s favorite grab.      p. Ryan Taylor

What were you like as a kid?

Well I was a boss, no I played sports and shit when I was younger. Basically just like every other kid, but I played in the woods a lot, none of my friends lived close so I would just wander around our property.

I hear you once were into high top Nikes and Polo shirts, is that true? What made you give that up?

No polo shirts, but there was a time I had some Nikes, that didn’t last long. All it took was for me to look in the mirror and realize I wasn’t cool enough.

Does lung cancer scare you? How many cigs do you smoke a day?

No I don’t wanna live to grow old anyways so I figure I might start killing myself young, shit happens. No clue, but like yer’ “How to be a Hipster” article says, as many as I can whenever I can as long as someone is lookin’ at how chill I am.

billy-mackey-4Are those jeans or some sort of new cool snow pant?    p. Dave Brewer

How much of your body is covered in hair? Do you know anyone your age as hairy as you are?

Well I’d say a good 80%. I’m pretty hairy, and no I don’t, I know kids with facial hair but there chest ain’t as manly as mine. I bet Larry (LNP) was super hairy also, I mean shit, look at him now.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever put, found or taken out of your hair?

Well the one thing that comes to mind is a few years back Todd Richards had his Toddapalooza event at Breck. I was helpin’ him out and he made me let a kid smash an egg in my hair. I didn’t wash it out so I smelt like rotten eggs for a minute and I woke up with ants in my hair one day, that made me wash it out.

Longest you’ve ever gone without a shower?

Couple months, never pay attention. Last summer was bad though when I lived out of (Justin) Keniston’s car at Hood.

img_2202The hands are fake, we photoshopped them.

Why are your finger nails always so long?

Shit I need long nails to scratch my head through my hair. No, I don’t know, you can do way more shit with long nails, makes highschoolin’ a beer easier (thumb punch to shotgun).

How many rings do you wear? Do they ever annoy you?

Well right now 11. And, only when it’s hot and my fingers swell up it starts to hurt but most of ‘em can’t come off anyways. Been on for too long.

Have you ever hit anyone while wearing your rings?

Well serious punch like three different times maybe. All I know is it hurt my fingers so I bet it didn’t feel good.

dsc_9791Chick’s are jealous of Bill’s jewelry box and healthy flowing locks.       p. Ryan Taylor

Do you have a crush on Laura Hadar? Why or why not?

Me? No way that’s Momma Hades! Why not? ‘Cause when she is around she is like a mom. Takes care of me and shit, it’s awesome, best mom in snowboarding hands down.

Since we both wear stupidly tight pants, we both know about stinky balls, and since I’ve literally seen you covered in dirt, how do you get girls to go down on you?

Oh shit, well the way I feel about it is maybe they just wanna try somethin’ new?

How did you get onto O-Matic?

Well I started rep ridin’ for my buddy who used to work for ‘em and then I guess they ended up likin’ me. I’m hyped, they are all the shit.

Are you hyped to be teammates with Olympic/Dancing star Louie Vito?

Fuck yea, how many people can say they know someone from Dancing with the Stars? That’s way cooler than the Olympics any day.

billy-mackey-3Pop, hold the grab, hope to not rip arm off while landing on a pile of stones.      p. Dave Brewer

People say you’re really good at snowboarding, are you?

Well yea I’m the shit. No, I don’t know man. I just like it a lot. I know how to turn pretty well so I will say yes, I am good at carving on a snowboard.

How long do you generally keep the same outfit on?

‘Till it’s time to retire ‘em. So depends on what I do in them. Usually a good amount of time, long enough to make a white shirt turn a completely different color.

You are on COMUNE, why don’t you just get new clothes?

I do, it works out well. I wear ‘em ‘till I can’t anymore, then have some proper new clothes to put right on. I look way cooler anyways, when people come over they see clothes still with tags.

img_2192Dirtbag attending the first Colorado SIA.

How do you feel about Colorado?

A lot of people hate on it but I’m down. I mean I’m still here. We got some of the best skateparks. I live 10 min from for different mountains, well only two are fun. My whole family lives here still, so I’m down.

Who are your personal heroes?

My whole family, they are all the best people ever.

What are your parents like?

Well my dad’s a cop, well Police Chief to be exact, real laid back, just likes to have fun. My mom is the best. I just got a tattoo for her. She is a school bus driver now, she will help me out whenever I need. They support what I do, so it’s nice.

Your group of friends trashed the Boneyard Breckenridge house, how did they get such a nice house to begin with, and what is the wildest shit you’ve seen go down there?

Well they moved in and the kid who lived there his parents owned the place and were gonna remodel it this summer. Pretty much started by fuckin’ up little things every once in awhile to whatever was in sight. Well, axe through the TV, Keg thrown over the deck into a car, two cars back windows shattered, knives thrown, just a shit ton of different shit.

How did you do in school?

Well I left high school sophomore year with a 1.2 GPA, did online school and finally graduated a couple months ago!

How were those two years?

Shitty, I hated that place. Jocks thought I was gay, teachers didn’t like the work I did, kids were scared of me for some reason, I don’t know, that place sucked.

Would you ever want a normal job? The kind you actually have to go to?

I’m actually thinkin’ of tryin’ to find one for the summer. I have had jobs and it always sucks, life seems so boring. I just applied to be a pizza delivery driver though, that seems cool.

You went to Mt. Hood last summer, how was it?

Well last summer it sucked. I got kicked out of these girls house, so I slept in Justins car, didn’t snowboard once, just skated, piled out and slept in the car. I ate bagels, a lot, and talked campers into buyin’ me Cobra Dogs.

billy-mackey-1His legs are saying, “KAPOW!”         p. Dave Brewer

What do you care about most in life?

My family, friends and snowboarding. Other than that not much. I don’t care about to much, makes life easier.

Did you ever play any sports when you were younger? Which ones, for how long, and were you any good?

Alright so I played football. Fuckin’ killed it. Played that all through elementary. I was on dive team and swim team for a summer, good at wearin’ at speedo.

You spend a lot of time in Breckenridge, why?

Not sure really, I kinda like it even though there is kooks, but there are kooks everywhere.


Omatic snowboards, COMUNE clothing, celsius boots, grenade gloves, elm company, bitch boards stomp pads and Community Skate and Snow.

Big Thanks to our photographer friends Ryan Taylor and Dave Brewer!
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  1. fritz
    fritz says:

    what a stud. dude is a really good rider and I cant wait for the bang show video haha gonna be sooo sick

  2. Eli
    Eli says:

    I’ll always remember when I met him in Breck, haha.

    I was at a party and saw him, but didn’t realize it was him, until the next morning, all my friends and I were all hungover talking about the party. Someone mentions him, and then from upstairs we hear another friend shout “Billy Mackey sucks dicks for quarters!!!!!” Funny as hell…

    Probably funnier if you were there tho…

  3. scott
    scott says:

    oh man, to be young and good lookin’ and not give a fuck about anything. more profiles on dudes like this yobeat. and yeah, nobody in highschool knows how to shotgun a beer using their thumb.

  4. terence
    terence says:


    just kiddin. you owe me a double and you know that half the nonsense in this interview is bullshit. come on now billy, don’t shortchange yobeat, they’ll make you famous!

  5. haha
    haha says:

    billy mackey sucks. he doesnt deserve sponsors just because his pants are tight and he wears a leather jacket. all his homies in the hobo crew and boneyard are better than him, hes just the sooper dooper chill heshin

  6. chris
    chris says:

    haha, have you ever seen what billy can actually do on a snowboard? obviously not, he doesnt care enough to do super crazy shit(which he can do i have seen it) he just likes having fun on a snowboard. maybe before you go saying that someone sucks, actually know who you are talking about,he doesnt deserve sponsors? ever make you think he must be able to do some stuff to get them in the first place? idiot

  7. dougie
    dougie says:

    hell yea!! i see this kid shred keystone all the time, he rips!! everything he does is so smooth, i hate the tight pants and leather also but to each his own

  8. haha
    haha says:

    dont delete my comments just because i hated on billy mackey. its not my fault hes a scenster who fucking sucks. any one can do lipslides and tail presses

  9. zsc
    zsc says:

    HAHA, dont get all butthurt cause yer some old washed up summit juggalo, that still sucks and never went anywhere dont mean you gotta hate on billy who is most likely better than you

  10. TravR
    TravR says:

    HAHA! I didn’t know you smoked either!?! But really, looks like the affect of giving you that smoke worked like a charm! Sorry it got you down with your Grandma! By the way, odd post to just point that out and not say anything about you killing it.

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