Firing Squad: June 1, 2010

As I pick these photos, the Memorial Day weather in Portland is dark & moody. Lucky for me, I am in Mass where the weather is incredible, but I have to deal with shitty fucking drivers. As for the photos, one is as gray as Portland, while the challenger is as bright and sunny as my location. What’s the metaphor for the drivers? Easy, all the douchebag comments that will follow. (PS. This is for the Champions Gallery, so choose wisely!)

The Champ


The Challenger


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Think you can do better? Then quit your bitching. The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. Winners of a single battle will receive a pair of Da Kine gloves and should a photo survive 4 weeks, the photographer receives a place in the Champions Gallery and a Da Kine Camera Pack, as well as a chance to compete in the year-end Ultimate Champions battle. To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines.

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  1. MM
    MM says:

    Challenger looks so staged and fake, his landing area isn’t even that long, as well as that bland 1 flash to light it, all its got going is the colors.

  2. OMG times 10
    OMG times 10 says:

    I’m so mad. How can the challengers photo be in this battle. I mean seriously. YOU CANT SEE THE LANDING. It looks like he’s jumping over a fan into a black hole. I mean, if he died making this shot, that really upsets me. The photographer OBVIOUSLY doesnt know ANYTHING if you cant see where he lands. My guess is he floats up? YOU CANT SEE THE LANDING. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

    If the champ beats this photo, we all know it’s because he sends all of his retarded skier friends over from newschoolers and tells them to vote for his shot.

    Z is the new Jimbo. Vote Challenger.

  3. Z
    Z says:

    Since it would be a good idea to send skiers to vote on a snowboarding website… yeah, I mean, go ahead and send me the link to that post. Otherwise, I don’t have skier friends on newschoolers, and voting for someone else because you want to compare me to another kid on this website, interesting tactic, but we’re comparing photos here, with no names attached.

  4. Just ride
    Just ride says:

    The champs is a Guy over Stairs who could be about to bail as well and you guys that turn this into americas next top photographer are idiots. The second picture is just cool to look at and the first one is a sick shot as well. Its not a sequence shot so which one looks better to you despite what camera or equipment they had.

  5. anders
    anders says:

    the Champ is much better in my opinion. all you got is colors, the champ doesn’t need it. like dog vision motha fuka

  6. KD
    KD says:

    OMG support who you wanna support but don’t be a miserable hater. I’m pretty sure that if you have a photo up on a competitive site then you are going to be looking for support from friends and family, and if they truly support your passion then they will show it. Haters and negativity, it’s as certain as the sunrise. I’m amazed at how some people take every aspect of life (like posting replys) so damn seriously that even i have to be all “serious-like” when i write something because it’s the internet and it makes everyone think that their opinion is not only valid but EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Not having much experience in photography I’m not going to say much or question the knowledge and abilities of the other people around these parts but man just chill out. At the end of the day it’s supposed to be a friendly competition but some of you jacks take all the friendliness out of anything. Gawd damn

  7. MM
    MM says:

    ahah KD you should just become a recluse. The internet and the world will always have people competing and taking things seriously, especially when a prize is at stake, whether its 2 seconds of glory, or a Photopack and gloves. THIS WILL ALWAYS happen. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and we love to fight and argue.

    Plus the Champ deserves it, HE HAS BEEN SHAFTED AND HAS HAD TO COMPETE FOR 5 WEEKS when really it should have been allover Last week.

  8. KD
    KD says:

    Agreed MM, I have much too high expectations for the average dude’s ability to express themselves in a courteous and educated manner. I agree that it’s intrinsic to human nature for people to want to argue, but when people act so damn ANGRY about things that don’t even really matter I have to say something. Perspective is a powerful thing and I’ve had the good fortune of taking several extremely negative things in my life and using them as a basis to grow as a person and appreciate the fact that my words and actions will always affect other people. Debates are fun but when the fun stops and people let their feelings get hurt or spit venom just to prove a point it’s lame. There is so much other shit to get heated about in life. Now that being said it is border-line hypocritical for me to take the time out of my day to write stuff like this, but to me it’s worth it just so it goes on record that it IS possible to say what you want to say without being a jerk about it. And MM, trust me it is much appreciated that you took the time to write something of substance as a reply. It’s a rarity nowadays and not something I expect to find as a reply to anything I write when i chastise people. If only everyone could be so forward-thinking….

    Annnddd on another note whenever my masonry work allows me to quarry stone by myself it’s SOOOO good not to have to deal with people. Man nowadays everyone wants you to believe that their slice of the pie is the hardest to eat and nobody says anything nice anymore. I’d definitely live in the wilderness in a cabin if i could someday, just me and my rocks.

  9. KD
    KD says:

    Just a correction: When I say “things that don’t really matter” i’m not demeaning this or anyone else’s passion. What it should be read as is “things that don’t really affect your life enough to get super-pissed about.” As an athlete and a musician I understand competitive drive and the want to win, but losing happens and the biggest losers are the ones who can’t deal with it. I just think it’s silly to ever get so upset at a competition to let it diminish someone else’s achievement. And believe me that’s hard for me to even say because I was at the Patriot’s playoff game in person. sooo drunk

  10. mike
    mike says:

    what Meghan you don’t like the Champ? look at that stair distortion, look at that twisted bar, and did i mention its b&w . . . “like dog vision motha fuka.”

    sooo freakin artsy on some next level shit you don’t even understand!!!

  11. P Money Dolla BILLLZZZ
    P Money Dolla BILLLZZZ says:

    Who does the champ think he is???? That church is quite obviously photoshopped in and the kid isnt even ollie’ing the right way.. the stair set is going the other way DERR.

  12. MM
    MM says:

    P money (if thats your crack name), im not sure if you realize its not an ollie its a 180 down the stairs. and i highly doubt the church is photoshoped its just not light up with 2 flashes like the stairs and the rider.

    and besides the challenger shot this in an enclose private park, that takes all street credit away from that photo, it also asks why are you even skating an object like that in an enclosed miniramp area.

  13. Z
    Z says:

    Oh and y’all should look out for MM’s photos in weeks to come, because I know one of them that’ll blow your minds.

  14. sevo
    sevo says:

    hes ollieing over the railing not the stairs… its not hard to tell. hes moving right to left, not toward the camera

  15. Z
    Z says:

    haha sevo gets it, just a steezy boned ollie, it’s a photo contest, not a trick contest haha

  16. scott
    scott says:

    Z…guy, lay off the comments. we get it, you rule the photo battle section of yobeat. also, how can all the photos that go with YB articles look so much better than the stuff here? and what ever happened to Timbro? His shit was the best. and while were at it, what makes cobra dog so good? because it’s the only thing available? it’s just a hotdog cart, right?

  17. mike
    mike says:

    o know problem Z. you and MM seem to know a lot about skateboarding.

    MM if your here talking about street credit, please this is yobeat. creating your own skate obstacles gives one way more street cred then being a retarded friend whom makes ridiculous comments. Z you got MM’s back for shooting photos that will blow our minds? . . . come on MM doesn’t even know what the difference is between an ollie and a 180. know we all know how much street cred you two buffoons deserve.

    just cause your parents bought you a digi with a dumb fish and off camera flashes doesn’t mean you know anything about photography or skateboarding for that matter.

  18. Z
    Z says:

    Thanks for the “creative” comment mike. I’d love to see some of your photos(they’re probably terrible)! Rest assured neither mike’s or my camera or flashes were bought with our parent’s money, we work together, so I’m quite sure the money spent on some fine light capturers and flash guns was earned from working. But while our parents may not have been raising us by giving us money, they were more than certainly teaching us to have morals, and not neglecting us like I’m so sure you were. You don’t need a fish to take good pictures, but if a situation calls for one, you’d probably be happier with one. Mike I’m not sure what you problem is exactly, being friends with the challenger possibly, upset your photo isn’t in a battle right now, or just hating life in general, you can rest assured knowing that both MM, and Z, both know a lot more than you about photography, or skateboarding, until you prove otherwise.
    P.S. When you write “o know”, you are better off using the correct “no”, otherwise, you would simply be referring to “knowing” something, which, by the looks of it, you clearly don’t.

  19. Z
    Z says:

    PPS. When you write “know we all know” I know it’s kind of funny spelling, but it’s actually, “NOW we all know”. Isn’t grammar weird like that? I mean, it’s just funny how I’m supposed to read a comment from someone who doesn’t KNOW the correct usage of the word “know” or “now” or “no”. Thanks though mike!

  20. mike
    mike says:

    no, you dont know more about skateboarding then me. remember, i’m already rockin that Dakine pack your fighting so hard for. last week the Challenger had a much better photo then yours but instead all your retarded MM’s voted for you.

  21. MM
    MM says:

    Indeed i was mistaken about the 180 i know the rider well and his 1’s look similar as he pokes them out. either way i gladly understand that i was wrong, but im quite sure street credit doesn’t come from putting a ramp up against a large fan and doing a front board on it (which im sure is very difficult in its own way). . I also understand this is yobeat where SNOWboarding is the basis of this sites existence so i do agree that its not a place to be claiming Cred on anything skateboarding, but im still sure that skating a natural spot where you can get a trespassing warrant, only have a few attempts to do, or that you can only skate at a certain time of day, makes it far more difficult than something that YOU privately OWN and can skate anytime you want.

    im not going to claim im the best, but i feel im a bit further form a buffoon than i seem to be made out to be.
    also thanks, im glad i worked for 5 years to get all the gear i have right now, but im glad you understand.

    getting blasted on the internet! this is what message boards are all about!

  22. MM
    MM says:

    Wow Mike i didn’t know having a Dakine pack makes you the man, i guess ill have to live life knowing im not be best because i dont have that backpack, and that it was won in 4 weeks, while Z has to go through 5, i just feel its a slight bit on the unfair side, otherwise im sure this comment board wouldn’t be this angry…

    Also i didn’t know you couldn’t have your friends vote for your photo, does the page about linking this challenge to have people, to help vote for your photo mean that Z is breaking the rules? or does it mean you have less friends and are slightly peeved about that?

  23. BBB
    BBB says:

    HAHAH mike is such a hater…if the champs winning its pretty obvious which photo is better. so quit your bitchin and deal

  24. Z
    Z says:

    mike, where is your photo in champ’s gallery anyways? I mean, no one has a photo in there by the name of mike, so I’m wondering which one it is? You can see MM’s ill photos on his link to deviant, and if you REALLY want to see the rest of mine, you can click my name, now where are yours?

  25. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    Oh! I didn’t know I could be directed to peoples websites by clicking on their names! This is neat.

  26. Z
    Z says:

    Only if the person puts their link up, which this “mike” character seems a little too afraid to do.

  27. Hey Z....
    Hey Z.... says:

    You are a fucking moron. Shut the fuck up. You took a decent photo, who gives a shit. Put more energy into maybe getting laid, or eating more dicks or whatever it is you’re into. I’m so glad that this is the last week we have to deal with you, win or lose. Go the fuck away

  28. Z
    Z says:

    Thanks man, appreciate the comment, I’ll let my girlfriend know I need to get laid more! As for eating dicks, I’ll leave that up to mike, or you. Either way I’m not sure why you’re so upset, did I offend you at some point? Either way, I’m also glad this is my last week, because getting hated on for 5 weeks sure is taxing.
    Love, Z

  29. C
    C says:

    seeing grown men having a dick measuring contest on message boards is pathetic, both photos are excellent but one obviously has the upper hand. mike why are you bothering? your efforts are both hilarious and painful to read, please stop. this is about photography, not about trustafarians or a backpack, its about getting creative feedback. grow up.

  30. meghan
    meghan says:

    and comment 20! son’t steal my name and make shit up. because we all know it’s for heroin, and not crack.

  31. whack
    whack says:

    shit- theres way more drama on the skate shots than the snowboard shots. nuff said- just vote.

  32. danny
    danny says:

    there should be a lil drama when a photo like the current Champ doesn’t deserve to be in the Champions Gallery.

  33. James
    James says:

    sorry but you’re all blind… the handrail in the champs photo leads your (at least my eyes) away from the skater and to the building in the background. And yeah I can focus on him but my eyes still look at the rail.

  34. Z
    Z says:

    Thanks danny, I’m glad you’re not the final say, or I’d care. James, with the “blind” comment, are you referring to all the people who have already “seen” the photo? Just wondering, I figure, if I were blind, I wouldn’t be voting online for a photo battle. But, then again, maybe other blind people are different.

  35. Erik Roomet
    Erik Roomet says:

    haha you guys are just plain dumb. zack and mike both take amazing photos, put a lot of time and effort into their work and certainly know more about skateboarding than all of you. the champs photo is certainly a champ and everyone hating can fuck off

    i love the internet!!

  36. Z
    Z says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the support and let everyone know that I touch babies.. yes its true.. certified baby toucher.

  37. Z
    Z says:

    Yeah, thanks other Z for thanking the masses for me. Baby touching is more of a hobby, I never got certified.

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