High Fives with Special Swedish Guest Per-Hampus Stålhandske

aaaTodd’s still in Fiji so we outsourced his job to Sweden. So meet Per-Hampus. He’s awesome and the reason you get to watch free full length movies. Listen to what he has to say about girls, Europe, and other stuff.

What have you been doing since Action Horse?

I needed a break from making snowboard videos so I moved back to Sweden, started to work for a production company that makes more commercial stuff, stopped working there, snowboarded a lot, I went to school for art direction for a while and snowboarded more. After that I started freelancing and then started www.spatziba.com. Damn, I hate long answers.

How does it feel to have basically invented the free online snowboard film?

Wow, I am honored. I didn’t really do it, but if you say so I will have to say sorry to the other film production companies since more viewers expect them to give their movies away for free. Oops.

As a Swed, do you think President Obama has improved or worsened the global view of the US?

Improved for sure, people hated Bush.

How do successful European countries like say Sweden feel about Greece, Spain and Ireland right now?

We like them, Greece has good food, Spain even better and Ireland has good beer. Swedes likes beer.

Who do the Swedes hate?

Hehe. Generally maybe Norwegians since they have more money then us since they have oil.

Bonus Question: What are the best and worst things about visiting the US?

I would say that everything is great except that it’s a pain in the ass to get in. The best things are probably the mexican food, the snowboarding, skating, it’s cheap and there is a ton of stuff to do.

ONE MORE BONUS: Women, where can the best women on earth be found?
I would say SLC (since my girlfriend is there). Otherwise Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway or maybe Spain.

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