R.I.P. Miah


Snowboarder Mag just informed us of some sad news, Jerimiah James Pebley, better known as Miah, passed away. For years Miah was a fixture at snowboard events as part of Snow Park technologies, which is how our paths crossed way back when. He was always down to share a hotel room or drink a beer, and he will certainly be missed by all who were lucky enough to know him. Brad Farmer wrote a touching memorial for Miah on the Snowboarder mag site, including quotes from people who knew him best.

Most of Jerimiah’s friends knew him as “Miah” and as a person who had a larger than life personality, a priceless sense of humor and as someone who was just a good human being. He grew up in Big Bear and one of his best friends during those years was Janna Meyen Weatherby. “Miah was always there for me when I needed support,” says Janna. “It makes me smile when I think of how he’d tell stories of us growing up in Big Bear and terrorizing the neighborhood. I heard them all more than once but that’s a special bond you share with those who you grow up with and go through life together with.”

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  1. Sad
    Sad says:

    Such a sad sad thing to happen to such a beautiful person…
    I had great pleasures working with Miah in the snow biz, but like others, I have many good memories growing up with him in Big Bear.
    Sad for his family…. sad for his friends…. sad sad….

  2. upset
    upset says:

    He did not die of a heroin overdose. That is a sad and disgusting rumor. He was diagnosed with guillain barre syndrome in Oct. of 2008 that connected with many underlying health issues. Doctors had definelty perscribed some pretty intense medication, but Miah did not use or die from heroin.

    • Juliaghoulia
      Juliaghoulia says:

      I am curious how Bear “his brother” died. I grew up with Bear and Jeremiah, I would like to know

  3. Tina
    Tina says:

    I loved Miah. I met him in ’98 and dated him on and off for years. I’ll always be haunted by our last conversation because I never really said goodbye. He told me I was the true love of his life. Yesterday would’ve been his 37th bday. RIP Miah. Heart broken and devastated. 🙁

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