Mountain Creek Stockpile Session


If you think Jersey is dirty the rest of the year, then you can only imagine Mountain Creek at the end of May. A little bit of saved up snow, some jibstacles, and you have yourself a post-season event.

Edit: Nick Dakota Filippini

Here’s the official word on what went down:

The Stockpile Session had a super fun, positive vibe. The sun, snow, terrain park features, and free Red Bull were all it took to put everyone in a great mood.

“I can’t believe there’s this much snow left! I had no idea. It’s awesome that Mountain Creek put this together. I can’t believe I’m snowboarding in May!” said a very enthusiastic snowboarder during his hike back to the top.

The event’s proceeds benefited the Vernon Skatepark Memorial Organization, a public charity committed to developing a public skateboarding facility in Vernon, New Jersey. Many participants generously donated up to $10 a piece. At the end of the day, the event raised nearly $1,000 for the VSMO.

“We’re stoked on the turnout! This is a huge step toward our goal — we just want to give the kids something to shred in the summertime. Mountain Creek has been great and we truly appreciate their support,” Pat Tyler, VSMO Spokesperson.

“Yeah, I donated to the VSMO. I just love to skate — it’d be sick to have a skatepark right in town.” said another excited, relatively sweaty snowboarder.

“It’s all for the kids. That’s why we do this — it’s fun and moreover, it benefits a great cause. We’re glad to help,” said Hugh Reynolds, Event Manager at Mountain Creek.

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  1. ryan
    ryan says:

    good edit, but a note to the filmer, you might not want to move the camera after every shot it makes me dizzy and gives me a head ache but besides that pretty good

  2. TSM
    TSM says:

    yeah that was rad except for the filming at the end of each clip. Makes me uneasy. That looks like so much fun

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