Mountain Creek Stockpile Session

If you think Jersey is dirty the rest of the year, then you can only imagine Mountain Creek at the end of May. A little bit of saved up snow, some jibstacles, and you have yourself a post-season event.

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Here’s the official word on what went down:

The Stockpile Session had a super fun, positive vibe. The sun, snow, terrain park features, and free Red Bull were all it took to put everyone in a great mood.

“I can’t believe there’s this much snow left! I had no idea. It’s awesome that Mountain Creek put this together. I can’t believe I’m snowboarding in May!” said a very enthusiastic snowboarder during his hike back to the top.

The event’s proceeds benefited the Vernon Skatepark Memorial Organization, a public charity committed to developing a public skateboarding facility in Vernon, New Jersey. Many participants generously donated up to $10 a piece. At the end of the day, the event raised nearly $1,000 for the VSMO.

“We’re stoked on the turnout! This is a huge step toward our goal — we just want to give the kids something to shred in the summertime. Mountain Creek has been great and we truly appreciate their support,” Pat Tyler, VSMO Spokesperson.

“Yeah, I donated to the VSMO. I just love to skate — it’d be sick to have a skatepark right in town.” said another excited, relatively sweaty snowboarder.

“It’s all for the kids. That’s why we do this — it’s fun and moreover, it benefits a great cause. We’re glad to help,” said Hugh Reynolds, Event Manager at Mountain Creek.

R.I.P. Miah


Snowboarder Mag just informed us of some sad news, Jerimiah James Pebley, better known as Miah, passed away. For years Miah was a fixture at snowboard events as part of Snow Park technologies, which is how our paths crossed way back when. He was always down to share a hotel room or drink a beer, and he will certainly be missed by all who were lucky enough to know him. Brad Farmer wrote a touching memorial for Miah on the Snowboarder mag site, including quotes from people who knew him best.

Most of Jerimiah’s friends knew him as “Miah” and as a person who had a larger than life personality, a priceless sense of humor and as someone who was just a good human being. He grew up in Big Bear and one of his best friends during those years was Janna Meyen Weatherby. “Miah was always there for me when I needed support,” says Janna. “It makes me smile when I think of how he’d tell stories of us growing up in Big Bear and terrorizing the neighborhood. I heard them all more than once but that’s a special bond you share with those who you grow up with and go through life together with.”

Read the whole thing here.

Memorial Information:

Memorial Fund:

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Pasaules Glabeji Teaser

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Meet: the Mysery District

Thanks to ever-cheapening video cameras and the accessibility of the Internet, starting your own video production company is way easier than getting your foot in the door with the big guys! Sure you might not have a huge budget or super pros to work with, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a snowboard video that will at least entertain you, your friends and a few hundred people on the Internet. So in preparation for the influx  of free full videos this fall, we’ve decided to get to know some of these fledgling crews a bit better. We can’t promise all the videos will be good, but we will try and track down the ones with the most promise.* Up first, we introduce Mystery District from Idaho.



Location: Boise, ID
Riders: AJ Ogden, Parker Duke, Phil Damianakes, Jacob St. John, Pat Miller, Even Williams, Joe Kennedy, and more
Filmer/Editor: Derek Weimer

What’s the snowboard scene like in Idaho?

Derek: It circulates within itself. Therefore people outside of Idaho don’t see or hear much about it.

Derek: These couple places have chairlifts: Bogus Basin, Brundage Mountain, Sun Valley and Dollar Mountain, Grand Targhee. Then some urban stuff around Boise and McCall and surrounding Backcountry

Why don’t you think we hear more about Idaho snowboarding?

Derek: You don’t hear about it much because there is a lack of industry here. Yes we have Smith and a couple other companies out here but we don’t have a lot of companies based out of here. It’s not a snowboard mecca like Salt Lake, Colorado or Tahoe where companies really get behind the people riding there. We get support from local shops and the community but passed that level the momentum slows.

Do you feel bad blowing it up by making a video?

Derek: Why, do you feel bad blowing it up by giving us this interview? Besides Jeff Tulloch and Gabe Linn already did that.

Where did the name Mystery District come from?

Derek: We feel like the question is always asked, “who does what”, “who rides for who”, or “who shoots what”. We don’t care; we ride with our friends and shoot with our friends because we love to. Plus it’s just weird shit we came up with that is kinda hard to say drunk.

Who are your video influences?

Derek: Everyone influences us. Everyone we ride/shoot with is influenced by everything shred and non-shred related.

What do you think makes a video good?

Derek: If it makes you wanna go snowboard and you can get a feeling for the effort that went into making the movie then its gotta be good. Right?

When is your video going to drop? Where will it be available?

Derek: It’s gonna drop this August. But it’s going to be more of a precursor to what’s to come for 2010-2011. It will be available for free download and outta my trunk in Govy. Haha. August 2010.

Whose part are you most stoked on?

Derek: Ted Borland, The Leak! I’m really stoked on AJ Ogden, Parker Duke and Jacob St. John. Those guys are killing it!

What are you going to do now that it’s summer?

Derek: HCSC…. just sayin.

*If you have any suggestions of crews you’d like to know more about, let us know.