High Fives with Todd Richards—Stupid Fiji


Mr. Todd Richards went to this little foreign island named Fiji this week. What’s he doing there? Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe he’s hosting an MTV blah blah blah show, maybe he’s surfing with Kelly Slater or whoever those big shot surfers are, maybe he’s filming an infomercial with Shaun White, we really have no idea, but we are sure it’s stupid. Anyway, now that you’re here let’s have some fun at Todd’s expense.

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5 replies
  1. 720boardshop
    720boardshop says:

    You shouldn’t talk shit on Josh Sherman, although small hes like a damn ninja for reals. Oh yeah Todd checked out the new Todd cast been about 4 months since SIA and you promised a deaf chick (my old lady) you would put up captions so she can read all the brilliant things that come out of your mouth. Don’t make me send Josh Shermans mini ninja ass after someone!

  2. drexnefex
    drexnefex says:

    Nicks Liptons are on Todds Richard every week cause:

    A) Nick/Todd are “bros”
    B) Todd is wise
    C) Nick doesn’t actually snowboard
    D) YoBeat rulz.

    I wish i was in Fiji.

  3. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    Next week’s topic should be:

    “What’s with this whole global warming thing anyway?”

    Or maybe

    “Is MMA really an action sport and not just some homo erectus pissing contest?”

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