Yobeat Visits BozWrecklyn on Humpday



BozWreck, n. A combination of Bozung and Homewreck, a snowboard company, movement and way of life. Brooklyn, n. New York City’s second favorite borough, often considered hipster heaven, birthplace of the Notorious B.I.G. BozWrecklyn, n, A combination of two awesome forces, a great word created via a text message.

Love or hate them, Matty Ryan and Nate Bozung have had an impact on snowboarding. Careers filled with highs, lows, bangers and blowouts, tales of wild debauchery, moments of glory, down and out days and a revival through BozWreck have created an enigma of sorts out of this dynamic duo. But since the drop of BozWreck 2 things have been quiet. Only because BozWreck moved to Brooklyn.

Why would pro snowboarders live in Brooklyn? Because they wanted to, and well, Bozung had a huge Neff check laying around, and an apartment lease in Bedford, Brooklyn seemed like a great way to spend it. Also, have you ever been to NYC?

bozwreckBozWreck backstage at something. Don’t miss the face tat…    p. Matty’s Blackberry

Unless you’re unfortunate enough to live in Vegas, you can’t argue that NYC doesn’t have the country’s best nightlife. Now, drop two of the hardest partying people in snowboarding into a world of 4AM last call, drugs, taxis, models, loose beautiful women, motivated people and a ton of money and what do you get in return? A collection of great stories.

When Matty and I went out in NYC, I always saw the sun come up, always had fun and never looked at my bank account. Matty even has a trick for dealing with the expenses of New York living, “Just put your hand over the screen, you don’t need to see that number.”


Matty loves taking photos with his blackberry.

Each night I’d give Matty a call or meet with him after he got off work. We’d head to the Lower East Side, drink at The Ace Hotel or head to a bar Matty was hyped on. I never saw Nate. “Nate goes to the clubs and that stuff. You know, the celebrity spots and all that. When I lived in LA I did that, I’ve seen Lindsay Lohan a dozen times, I don’t need to see her again.” Interestingly the night after Matty said this we ended up at Avenue, a surefire celebrity hangout. But crazy nights and wild times are losing their importance to Matty.

Having spent the summer working in the South, and spending time with his family, Matty has obviously matured and refocused his goals. As far as BozWreck is concerned, Matty and Nate hired a friend from upstate New York to handle the boring business side of things leaving these two free to explore the city, something Matty has fallen in love with. “Dude I don’t care what I do here as long as I’m checking it out. I mean, I’ll even play whiffle ball in the park, I don’t care, I just love walking around all day.”

mustacheYep, that mustached man is Matty Ryan.   p. Matty’s Blakberry

The mysterious Nate Bozung is apparently living off of Neff checks, which is awesome, but seemingly impossible in my mind. Even with a packed party schedule, Nate has done plenty of work establishing Neff on the East Coast. He’s already recruited a local NYC skater named Majors. Look for the hat Majors just designed in one of the fifty thousand stores Neff sells in. Nate’s also decking NYC in Neff gear. While waiting for Matty at work I saw plenty of bright hoodies, sagging beanies and other assorted Neff goodies adorning the staff. So who knows, maybe those checks will be getting bigger. Maybe Nate can convince Jay-Z to do a Rocka Wear/Neff collabo’?

On the other side of the coin Matty seems to have cemented new roots in the NYC scene. He has picked up a job at The Breslin, a restaurant inside the eccentrically hip Ace Hotel NYC, and my god does the boy work. Matty might just be the hardest working barback in all of NYC. He cleans the bar, helps the servers, pours drinks and stocks glasses at light-speed while holding at least two or three conversations at a time. The best part is Matty takes pride in his work, and seems genuinely happy in his new world. And, since the staff googled him and found out he’s a big shot pro snowboarder, things have gotten a bit easier around the bar.


“I gave this dude a Holden coat and he gave me some free tattoos!”     p. Matty’s Crackberry

As it stands, this gruesome twosome have until December before their current lease runs out. When it does a few things could happen. Matty wants to film another part, a holy-grail, end-of-days, that’s-it-I’m-done type part, but has no plans on moving out of the city. Nate, well Nate might move to South America to be with a girl from Facebook (he apparently tattooed her name on his knuckles just the other day) but Nate might end up a lot of places. Who knows, he might just end up taking over snowboarding again. For now though, he’s content working the nightlife and expanding the Neff empire.

wastedbutlerThe Wasted Butler…   p. Matty’s Blackberry

Bozwrecklyn plans to keep doing what they’re doing. Staying up late, waking up later, meeting women, trading gear for tattoos, exploring their new surroundings and forcing their butler to pick up mid-day sandwiches. Yes, I said butler. BozWreck has employed a “Wasted Butler” named CJ–a male model also living in NYC. So while people may not understand why two pro snowboarders are living in Brooklyn, you can’t blame two dudes who’ve found a happier situation, have a butler and are continuing to find new success while enjoying life.

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  1. Nick Lipton
    Nick Lipton says:

    borough   [bur-oh, buhr-oh]
    (in certain states of the U.S.) an incorporated municipality smaller than a city.
    one of the five administrative divisions of new york City.

  2. d
    d says:

    was just there last wknd. got called out for wearing a v-neck in apparently, the v neck capital of the world…

  3. asdf
    asdf says:

    What no interview? Matty is a cool dude, glad to see he’s enjoying life. Nate on the other hand.. hmmm.

  4. who gives a shit
    who gives a shit says:

    Nate is a washed up snowboarder who could never come back unless he went to rehab, cleaned himself up and came to the reality that snowboarding has progressed and has left him behind. He is slowly killing himself and everyone hypes it, like its cool. Too bad Nate, you were at one time snowboardings, snowboarder and had everyone hyped on you. Maybe you will read this, take your nose out of the pile of cocaine, mouth of the 2 day old bottoms of a 40oz and figure it out. As in Neff, I live in NYC and NEVER see it and its sold in stores like Michael K’s, which is the shop for tourist who want bootleg streetwear.

    Matty on the other hand works his ass off and obviously wants more out of life then sitting in a room by himself with a pile of cocaine for days, facebooking away how he sucks at life. I bet Matty could film an all east coast part and blow peoples minds. I’d love to see Matty make a huge come back part, but saying peace out snowboarding I’m onto my next adventure. Matty keep living the american dream, working hard and enjoying life.

  5. shat.
    shat. says:

    hey who gives a shit,

    maybe some people dont give a fuck about what people on the internet think about them? and is it too hard to imagine that someone just said fuck it after seeing how gay the snowboard really is deep down? tons of people “blow it”…if by blowing it you mean not having to compete in shitty contests, do what energy drink companies tell you to do, and become some lame article in sports illustrated.

    and i live in nyc too and hapen to see NEFF on a daily basis. maybe its because i work in soho and you probably work in some shitty office in midtown, in your suit, staring at a computer screen all day. sounds rad. lets hear what your amazing life is like…one thats so amazing that you can call people out when theyve accomplished 100x more than you ever will in your lifetime.

  6. who gives a shit
    who gives a shit says:

    Actually im a Union Iron worker by trade, so no keyboard pushing for me in a mid town office.

    Let me ask you this SHAT, are you a tourist as well? Are you born and raised NY or did you transplant here and start acting like you are a true new yorker? As for working in Soho, hope you are the best clothing folder in all of Soho.

    In your blinded internet rage you didn’t see the fact that I never discredited Nate as a snowboarder, but you were quick to defend him like he feeds you a mouthful every night. People get burned out on shit all the time, but have you thought about maybe people are bummed on his new way of life and how he puts it out there like he is Lindsay Lohan. Maybe people care about Nate and wish the best for him and rather see him do better than he is. Who cares about contests or energy drinks or espn. Thats not snowboarding and never said it was, but obviously you cared so much to toss that out there like you got turned down by monster from your sponsor me tape and still pissed you didn’t get to ride in the lifted BroCal truck around Soho.

    As for Neff, well I would think they are a pretty big brand and sold in mall stores across the country feeding suburban kids every color of the rainbow. Guess thats pretty mainstream as it comes and goes against everything you stated you are about.

  7. killyourself
    killyourself says:

    Who Gives a Shit- you obviously do give a shit if you are taking the time to write lengthy comments of negativity towards people you don’t even know. Get a life hater.

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