Mt. Bachelor Ender Ender


Shorts and Shades 3, not affiliated with the Celtek Clan. Tre Squad sends the season off right.

Stunts: Max Warbington, Gus Warbington, Lucas Wachs, Spencer Schubert, Blake Geis, Logan Beaulieu, JD Dennis, Ben Ferguson, Jake Rose, Quinn Jacobson, Peter (Fink) Jacobson and many more

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  1. Cole Atencio
    Cole Atencio says:

    one video i have always wanted to partake in… is freaking shorts & shades. every year the vid is pure hammers and looks so fun!

  2. Nor'east Fucktard
    Nor'east Fucktard says:

    This looked like a fucking blast, goddamn you warm weather….goddamn you to hell.

  3. haha
    haha says:

    i love how tre squad is always gettin large. for example. note the skiier with no regard for his life, at 3:40, the dood straight blasts that hip. so god damn funny.. not to mention at the very end

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