Mountain Creek’s Stockpile Session


Our new 22′ Quarterpipe certainly took some verbal abuse this season… But what you all didn’t know is that “Quarterpipe” was really just our code word for “Stockpile”. Thanks to our secret planning we’ve squirreled away enough snow to push out one last very late-season hike park up on Big Bear. So, dig your gear outta the closet and get your hiking boots on to join us for one last snow session.

To Benefit the Vernon Skatepark Memorial Organization

Saturday May 22, 2010
10AM – 4PM
Big Bear on Bear Peak
Hiking Will Be Required
$10 Suggested Donation
Music by DJ Pat Tyler

Red Bull Skate Bowl will be OPEN

Waivers Required and Available online at

For more info on Mountain Creek visit

For more info on the VSMO visit

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  1. JD
    JD says:

    IDK about most the other posts but I wouldn’t mind a butter box or two up there.Not a ride on..It makes the session have some variety to it.Plus there are just some things you cant do on a Handrail compared to a Box.

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