High Fives with Todd Richards—Summa’ Time


Spring is dying, college kids are getting out of school and soon the madness of summer will begin. I’m sure you and you’re best buds have already begun daydreaming of sweet summer days and hot long nights, but what is the big TR gunna’ do? How does the big man feel about the hot breath of summer breathing down our necks?

What’s your favorite summer time activity?

Just hitting the local fairs up and turning a nice shade of pink with a sweet sunglass tan. I find that you can really get a indication of rock bottom when you witness fair folk taking their breaks. There are several types: meth mouth, meth tarted, and meth-alien. The meth-alien is my favorite. Misshapen head and strange primus-looking tattoos are the obvious tell tale signs that aliens did in fact suck these swamp trolls up into their ship and probe their heads. Either that or they set the methheads on fire and put the flames out with a pitchfork.

Rumor has it you like wakeskating, what’s up with that?

I think it’s pretty crazy that you can 360flip a wakeboard while simultaneously getting your arms ripped out of their sockets by a boat. Did you know that pro wake dudes get their own signature boats? What the fuck? We can’t even get proform on a fucking snowmobile.

Would you rather live in constant winter without a coat, or be a wakeboarder?

Nick, isn’t your state of mind “constant winter without a coat ” you do seem very emotionally taxed 98% of the time. It’s as if someone ran over your puppy every day of your life.

Do/did you make your kids wear sunblock? Sun-visors? Water wings? Aqua socks?

My kids wear a shit ton of sunblock. Keep their skin on their faces for longer than mine is going to be there. My dad used to put baby oil on my face in an effort to “get me sum cullah” when we went skiing at Wachusett back in the day. Thanks for the cancer Pop.

How excited are you for summer vacation?

Not very. See when you’re a parent and live on the beach the summer means two things, crowds and kids home every single day. My summer starts Sept 1 when the kids go back to school and the knobs go back to wherever it is they belong.

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