The Skate Debate


So we’re a snowboard site. And snowboarders general suck at skateboarding (if we didn’t well…) Sure, there are a few out there who can hold their own in a heavy session, but for the most part, you unstrap us and things aren’t real pretty. Skateboarding is hard and if you spend all winter in snowy places, you probably don’t do it nearly enough to be proficient. But in this age of self promotion and digital footage, lack of ability rarely stops people from filming themselves and posting it on the Internet, right?

No but seriously, this little rant has been brought to by the fact that it’s almost summer, and the flow of homey shred flicks has slowed, replaced with the occasional homey skate video. Since our main goal at YoBeat is to keep the people entertained, the question is, are these little vids of interest to the snowboarding populous, or should we just stick to Hood coverage and stuff from the Southern Hemisphere? We offer you this video from the Lewiston Skatepark in Maine to help you decide. You’ve probably never heard of these kids, but do you enjoy a fun skate sesh enough to watch it anyway?

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  1. matias
    matias says:

    wow this is not far from achievable at all. at least with vids like this i feel like i can skate and make edits too

  2. budSinbudZen
    budSinbudZen says:

    There is 6million places to watch better skate edits then this. Watching snowboarders fail miserably at skateboarding isnt making fun of snowboarding its making fun of the futility of tryin to skate.

  3. carl mcgnarl
    carl mcgnarl says:

    I’d rather see the am edits on skate sites., just like the snow edits we get on snow sites…

  4. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I say bring on the skate… But as a rule, there should be at least three legit flip tricks for it to qualify for yobeatification

  5. Andrew Aldridge
    Andrew Aldridge says:

    You dont want this to turn in to reelcomp… we all know what happened to that…

  6. TSM
    TSM says:

    well i’m admittedly a mediocre shredder, and a very poor skater, but I could throw together better skate edits. for real though bring the skate, but not too much

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