Jesse Rourke: Behind the Shot


Today we induct another photo into the Champions Gallery. It might be a bit of a butt shot, and yeah, you can’t totally see where he’s landing, but after four weeks, include a couple blow out victories, Jesse Rourke has made it! So as usual, we caught up to find out more about the shot.

When was this shot taken, where is it, and who is the stuntman?

This shot was taken towards the end of last year, it hadn’t been snowing so the flow guys were looking for some different stuff in the Donner Lake area in Tahoe. This specific shot is of Jeremy Thompson.

Seriously, where is he landing?

haha, yeah that seems to be a popular question. He’s landing lookers left of that green electrical box or whatever that is, it starts to down slope just a little bit. The landing wasn’t much of a landing, the guys were having a hard time riding away from this dropping so far down, so it was kind of tough to incorporate it to know what was going on either way. But yeah, no excuses on my part.

What set up did you use to make the magic happen?

Well I’m using a canon 30D camera, which I hope to upgrade soon and a canon 15 mm fisheye. The camera is a 1.6 sensor crop though, and cuts down the fisheye quite a bit. I was just using good ol’ daylight for this, no flashes.

If you took it again, would you do anything differently?

I would take the sensor crop into more consideration and take a step back, hopefully showing the landing a bit more. Other than that I was pretty happy about this, I got pretty lucky with Jeremy spotting his landing on the switch bs1 and showing his face, or this would have a throwaway butt shot.

What was your favorite critique you received in the Firing Squad?

Haha, I didn’t get too many solid critiques, just ones about the landing or ass shots… as long as they weren’t hating too hard it was cool.

What was the most ridiculous comment?

hmm well it wasn’t even about mine just  the shot I was up against first week (respect), just made me laugh.

DA Blobbbbbbbbb on yo CAM on April 7th, 2010 at 9:07 am:
what is that BLOB on the screen champ!??! were you shoving your cam up your butt the night before and forgot to clean that part of the lens for the next morning!?

Who are you, where are you based, and what do you usually shoot?

My name is Jesse Rourke, I live on the east coast in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, but I’m usually located in Tahoe for a bit in the winters and just try to travel around. I try to shoot anything really and I’m always trying to learn and shoot more, but I do mostly shoot snowboarding. I’ll  just plug my website right in here, hah, check it out… Http://

Do you have any advice for aspiring Firing Squad champions?

hmm I don’t know… just have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously… I guess that could go for most things in life.