High Fives with Todd Richards: Racial Profiling!


Not sure if you all heard, but Arizona is the land o’ da’ crazies. Earlier this week Arizona passed a law basically giving a big “OK” to racial profiling, and mandating that all legal non-white looking immigrants carry identification to prove their legal status. It’s a law many police officers have publicly declared they will not enforce.  Apparently Arizona didn’t learn from the mistakes of the Nazi’s or Slave Owners of the American South. To get Todd Richards opinion (He lives really close to Mexico) on the matter read below, to check out more info on this new law check HERE.

What do you think of the sweeping immigration bill passed in Arizona this week? (The one allowing cops to arrest illegal immigrants, use racial profiling and basically just be dicks to Mexicans.)

It’s fucked, but if a drug war is about to spill into our country we need to do something, but asking peeps for papers isn’t the answer. Think about poor Java driving through Arizona on his way to Colorado. He gets pulled over and can’t prove he has papers. Straight back to the motherland. Wait, he may be Spanish, never mind. Pretty much it was a call for help. I think it will be overturned. I wonder what will happen if us citizens just started tunneling into Canada at an alarming rate? Like just leaving Vermont for a better life in Montreal.

How would Todd Richards handle illegal immigrants?

With gloves a cattle prod and slow loud English, “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” what fucking kind of a question is that? They are people Nick. Although I did overhear quite possibly the most racist thing once in a casino in Reno, that immigrants should wear an armband or something with like a taco on it to identify them. There was a gentlemen with a funny facial hair configuration in Germany that had a similar idea a little while back. Mind you this dude was shit housed at 8AM in a line for Starbucks. Talking way to loud to a business man that was trying to pretend this ghoul did not exist. Like all staring at his phone and shit. Mind you there were three people in line. Moral to this story? Don’t ever politely say hello to any meth head out looking psyco in Reno casinos in a Starbucks line or you will hear their unsolicited views on immigration, Iraq, and Obama.

You need the lawn mowed, the house cleaned and the kids fed, do you hire three separate services or one Mexican couple?

Dude , this shit is wacked. I may make fun of every organized religious group on the earth but I don’t play racism. However, to play along with your insinuation that I am a recreational racist, I would go with the three separate services. What happens if they get sick? Then your out on all aspects. I actually already employee a similar set of people. Except for feeding kids.

Are you fluent in Spanish? Why or Why not?

I wish I was. Unfortunately for me, I was seated next to one of my best trouble maker friends in high school in both of my years of Spanish. I only know fragments of sentences, have bad structure and shitty spelling. Wait maybe that was English…

You live in San Diego, are there many illegals there?

Nope, we don’t have an illegal immigrant problem here. J2 once said to me, “I’m going to move to Mexico and do yardwork to undercut what the locals get paid and then all the illegals will move back.”

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  1. 720boardshop
    720boardshop says:

    Viva 720 boardshop! our TM maybe a mexican (or italian) and we used to have a mongul lookin kid on our team and we got a few girls who are really hood and even have their own ghetto passes! we love all races and whatnot! We’re equal opportunity shredders! BUT WE HATE RED HEADS!!!!

  2. Satan's Horticulturist
    Satan's Horticulturist says:

    Viva Aztalan! You know that old confederate saying ‘the south will rise again’, well do a little history check on how California became a state.

  3. 720boardshop
    720boardshop says:

    HA! I knew you gingers cared more than you show it, and now that we know that you cry when you go home its on!! I’m making sure we really turn up the heat on you ugly red headed fucks

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