Pete Wast: A Hump Day Exclusive


A few years ago, an unsuspecting snowboarder named Pete Wast became an Internet celebrity. There was no real fortune associated with his fame, although High Cascade owner Preston Strout did once call his house to suggest he host his own Signature Session at camp. Unfortunately, Pete’s dad didn’t think it was a good idea. Pete garnered message board threads, Facebook fan pages and his name became synonymous with totally blowing it in a snowboard video. All because he may, or may not, have claimed to be the next Jeremy Jones.

Though the drama started on the lowest totem pole of the Transworld message boards, it made ripples at the top. Jesse Burtner was once featured in Sunday in the Park saying he hated him (for the record, they’ve never met.) After awhile it seemed like Pete Wast might not even be a real person, some sort of evil Internet joke perpetrated but some unknown troll, but it wasn’t. Pete Wast is a living, breathing human being, and he rides at Seven Springs, PA. Hopefully this interview will shine some light on one of the greatest Internet scandals snowboarding has ever seen, but maybe not. “We probably wont fully understand Pete Wast’s cultural impact for decades to come,” Burtner said.  Maybe not, Jesse, maybe not. But today, we’ll finally hear his side.

Special thanks to Ian Macy and the crew at Have Some Boarding for finally tracking down Pete and doing this interview.

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  1. bHappy pAul.
    bHappy pAul. says:

    That is exactly why I don’t hate on videos. I can’t believe he actually quit snowboarding for a while because he didn’t want to show his face on the hill. That is a damn shame.

    Spread Love.


  2. B. kuntz
    B. kuntz says:

    Yeah boii! Good to have ya back. Ill take some of that responsibility to gettin ya back on the slopes aand having ya hit shit with me this season. Im sure most everyone watching this video snowboards..but has different styles, different skills, different suckness (you know what im saying)..but one thing similiar, is we all love boarding (as pete has taught us) ha. so lets keep it that way bros!

  3. Ok Boys
    Ok Boys says:

    Fuck Yeah Pete! That situation is hilarious, glad to see you are back and fuck hater kids. At least you had the guts to make a video in the first place. And hey, use that fame to get some college tail. I mean shit, you got an interview on Yobeat right? Can we do a follow up on this? How many chicks Pete impressed with his knowledge of the classics, then showed this video too, then banged?

  4. JLD
    JLD says:

    Way to go Pete!… But you look like you’re still wearing the same pants from the high school video.

  5. fedyaN
    fedyaN says:

    its a shame that so many people hated on him. just some kid that made a video who liked to shred. sucks for him that he quit for a while due to some peoples comments.

  6. Nick L.
    Nick L. says:

    Yo Pete what up what up, you are my boy! just as B. Kuntz and the rest of our crew. I am psyched that you are takin it to the mountain with full force again this year brother, wish i was around more and not away at school. Keep on shreddin’ man, we must ride till we die. Who needs haters when you have fun shreddin, IRregardless (that was for brendan and connor) we have the time of our lives every time we ride together. The yearly trips must go on until we’re old!

    P.S. Mantha is sittin her with me and she says she loves you.

  7. pat h
    pat h says:

    All the internet haters suck. You assholes made him give up shredding. WTF? That is bullshit. Keep the passion Pete!

  8. Me
    Me says:

    Still terrible. Like J2, if J2 was blind. Or retarded. And does he have palsy? Why does only have his mouth move?

  9. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    fuck the haters, I’m glad they didn’t keep this kid down forever. They’ll always be there, just gotta learn to brush them off dude!

    …looks like his style got cleaned up too, the arms aren’t as crazy as that original video.

  10. Skeeezer!
    Skeeezer! says:

    wow I love the kids that are still hating on him through all of this. Come ON man, telling this kid he sucks doesn’t make you any better.

  11. f-you
    f-you says:

    whoever posted as “me” your an asshole man …..absolute fuckin ass hole grow up

  12. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    we really are sorry peter!! but we’re glad you came to your sense…you see the pete that we started making fun of 2 years ago actually use to be quite the character…and the only reason we started making fun of you is because of a remark you made while in santas beard…we were sitting at the top of the park by the down rail and you and some friend came in and saw us and a bunch of other people sitting down and made the following remark… “Dude there should just be a spectator zone for all these kids !! ” and that comment right there was the reason all of it started…and you just hapened to have that video on youtube…everything worked out perfectly…then once we started it..other kids picked up on it too and started posting comments…but i know we were jerks and we do apologize…and yes that is a sincere apology…we never meant for you to quit snowboard..and for all of those people to start ragging on you too…we just thought you were another one of those cocky..mountain kids with rich skier parents who thought they were better than everyone else…and the way you made that comment really made you seem cocky…and we thought actually giving you spectators would let a little bit of air out of your head…so we apologize again….glad your back on the snow man!

  13. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    and this is for all of those people still hating on pete…give it up..WE started it…and its just been finished….sorry again Pete!!!

  14. Bob R.
    Bob R. says:

    PETE! WTF? I didn’t know you were a celebrity, shit I would have told people where you were hiding if I knew that. This is pretty sick though. MCFC > NYRB.

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