Time Wasters with LANCE HAKKER


This week blog and company captain Lance Hakker let us take a look at his online activities. While we have yet to find someone willing to show us some porn (since that’s all any of these guys really look at) Lance did provide some interesting material. So kick back, relax, and enjoy your Saturday.


Up first Lance has decided to share with you the wonderful world of Fat-Pie.com. It’s creepy as shit. Has great videos and other junk, and can keep your curiosity roaming for hours.


Bored? Don’t be. Addictinggames.com is an all purpose cure. I’ve loved this site for years. Get on it.


Lance loves cats, cheezburgers and Icanhascheezburger.com. Don’t judge him, embrace him, and this site.


This submission by Mr. Hakker is by far my favorite. Click the LINK to jump through piles and and piles of unpublished JD Salinger work.

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