High Fives with Todd Richards—Hard Questions


Mr. Todd Richards is currently holed up in a Canadian hotel room. In an attempt to relive his youth Todd has apparently traveled to the Grenade Games, or he could be hosting some MTV2 Rock n’ Jock one time gig. Who knows, anyway, the guy is busy, surrounded by weed, fucked up Canadians, filthy and stoned boarding bros and free health care. Yuck. Anyway, can Todd answer the hard questions under such odd circumstances?

What’s beyond space?

Oh that’s easy, “the other space”. Scientific experts like Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan have been calling it “over there” for years now or 0- vr- th3r3. It’s where reality stops and fantasy starts, kind of like Vegas, but in space.

Why do we exist?

To do something. Some exist for other reasons. I exist to torment the weak minded. Nick you exist to to suffer eternally, like the Christians.

Is love real?

It depends on what you consider real.If you can feel it then it’s real. Here, feel this love…

What happens to us when we die?

I can give you the simple answer or the long drawn out answer. Oh, so you want both? Simple answer, we cease to exist and that is that. Long answer: we cease to exist and our group consciousness relives all the most embarrassing moments of our youth.

Why do people get prenup agreements? Isn’t that like saying, “Well this isn’t going to work, but what the hell?”

That is a great question. It’s like a invitation to fail. I don’t have a prenup. I guess I’m not big time enough. They get half in California, and by they, I mean them.

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