Eric Messier Loves Him Some Hump Day

eric_faceEric loves bums.                                                                                                 p. JMoustache

Eric Messier is an NHL scoring sensation topped only by the great Wayne Gretzky, but the other guy that comes up on Google is a snowboarder. As underrated in snowboarding as he is on Google, Eric has always kept quality companies interested in his unique ride-what-I-want approach, and it has funded world wide travels, pro model gear, and continuous good times. While Eric may avoid the contest circut and typical video part equation it’s his ability on a board and agressive backcountry approach that have kept him in the spotlight. At all of 26, Eric’s still fresh, still has plenty of support and will only be climbing up the Google ranks in years to come.

How much weed to do you plan on smoking at the Grenade Games?

To tell you the truth I don’t think I’ll smoke any weed. I don’t really like to snowboard stoned. That’s how I got hurt at the last Grenade Games. Doin’ some dumb shit all stoned. So yea, probably none, maybe a lil’ apres spliff though.

Knowing that this interview is to be published on 4/21, make a prediction about what you think is going to happen on 4/20 at the Grenade Games.

Well seeing that there is no contests on the 20th, mostly just a welcome party at a sushi joint, I predict a lot of weed will go down, Iikka Backstrom will destroy the hotel and go to jail, Dingo will spit sake in Danny’s face, Danny will throw sushi at everybody, I’ll throw up a bunch of sushi and sake, Mikey Rencz will be two-stepping to that all star Canadian inspirational song on repeat with a beer in his hand, Eero Niemela will have another bill for having too many people in his room. Craven will be dancing two thumbs in the air, everyone else will just be shit faced. Canadians go hard!


Like an angel from the heavens…                p. Robbie Sell

How did you get into snowboarding?

I remember being in Vermont when I was a kid and I was seeing these people snowboarding everywhere. I was like, “Fuck that looks fun.” so when we came back to Tahoe I got some shitty Sims board and learned how to ride at Squaw Valley n’ never went back.

Technine was your first big gig, how the hell did that happen?

I used to live with Josh Feliciano & Ricky Gatterdam back in the day, n’ they were filming for FODT’s Moment of Truth. Their filmer Peter Tankersley was my good buddy too, so I pretty much just went out with them and got a video part out of it. I guess they liked me n’ started flowing me boards. The rest is history. I definitely wasn’t gangster back then, and never really was. A lot of people thought I was serious with the Eazy-E thing in my One Love part, but I wanted it to be funny. I did feel a little out of place but everybody on the team was actually really cool n’ they totally accepted me.

Eric went a record setting 305 feet on this jump even without a Redbull sticker.      p. Robbie Sell

How was the Technine experience? Why’d you split?

Technine definitely gave me some sweet opportunities the last few years. It was great filming with my good friend, but things went sour between my bud and T9, and everything started falling apart from there. I didn’t really get along with the new filmer and I was starting to get bummed on filming with them. The next year I was at the trade show and my name wasn’t on the team list anymore. I was like, “Ok, like that huh? Thanks. Thanks for informing me.” But whatever, fuck it. maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

Has sponsor drama ensued?

Yeah definitely, there’s some weird shit goin’ on over there. I’m thankful to be getting flowed Capita boards now. I’m so down with what they represent. Such an artistic driven company and their boards are amazing! I’m backing everything about that company. It’s true, Capita devours everything!

eric_kickflip“Think Thank” is going to be so jealous.

Have you been making music lately?

I really want to start making more music. I need that in my life. I just haven’t had time for it really right now. The Fiz was supposed to play a big show with Major Lazer and Ming & Ping but I was up here in Canada on this Grenade trip and I couldn’t make it. I still DJ in Reno every Saturday night which is awesome. Getting paid to play music and drink for free is the shit! Except you feel like shit the next day.

What’s up with your musical duo The Fiz?

We’re still playing shows here n’ there. It’s hard to make music during the Winter when your buddy lives four hours away and I’m trying hard to concentrate on snowboarding everyday. I think this Summer I would like to start something new. I want to start a band with electronic drums, guitar, synthesizers. Something like that maybe.

What or who are you influenced by?

I’m influenced by all sorts of things, from beginners to pros, from music to ho’s. May it be negative or positive, Everything in life will influence me in some way.

eric_flipEat your heart out hipsters.               p. JMoustache

You aren’t a rail kid, a jumper, or an Alaskan helicopter dude. You just float powder and thrown yourself off weird backcountry shit. How did you make that work?

I don’t know how I’ve made that work for me. I never really thought I was good enough to get sponsored n’ shit. It just kinda happened somehow. Surfin’ powder, it’s really just my favorite thing to do. I like being out in the backcountry where there’s nobody around to rush you or bust you and you can find new possibilities everywhere. Though I did just get back from Alaska n’ I got to try out that helicopter guy thing. That’s the fuckin’ shit right there! I’ve gotta get back there next year to get some more.

We saw you in Videograss, how did that happen, how do you like it?

I just kinda sent them all my footage from last season and they picked what they wanted from it. I wasn’t really too happy with my part, it was a little short, but whatever I’m really just psyched to be in that movie. It was definitely put together very well and they used two songs in there I sent them, so I’m stoked none the less. This year I’ve been getting some good footage together. It’s been a weird season though. Every storm that came in would finish out all wet and ruin all the powder and we seemed to get kicked out of just about every spot we went to. People are catching on in Tahoe, there are so many people trying to hit shit now around there. Even fresh guy knows about our “secret spot”.  I need to find a new spot I think. I just went up to Alaska with Danny, Dingo, and Dustin Craven, so I’ll have some stuff in the Danny & Dingo show. I’m pretty psyched on that. The trips been an amazing adventure so far. Things are about to get crazy this week at Grenade Games too.

Do you have an internet show with Fuel?

Oh it’s not my show. My bud Diggles films a webisode thing on there. Its called “The Shook Up Generation” It’s all B-roll footage and we have to use music from the Fuel TV library which is incredibly weak. But whatever, he gets some sweet checks from them.

eric_soupEric and Diggles brainstorming over some tasty bar food.

You’ve been pro for a few years now, where’ve you been?

Japan, Italy, France, Alaska, Canada, North Carolina, Utah, Idaho, Washington. It’s really a dream come true. I love traveling.

What are some of the weirdest things you’ve seen, done or experienced in Japan?

Eating squid legs that were still moving. I dunno I can’t even remember what I did last week.

eric_waterGoodbye penis! Hello frigid Alaskan waters!                  p. JMoustache

I saw you get a handjob, behind a curtain, in a busy basement, at a white party, once upon a time. Does that happen often?

Oh you fucker. I was just making out with this girl behind a curtain and she was grabbin’ me n’ shit. I don’t know man girls like me for some reason.

If snowboarding handed you a pink slip what would you do next?

Oh yea I’m dreading that day. I’d probably do something involved with music or snowboarding, because I love those things so much. I wanna be involved somehow.

Are you stoked on what’s going on with snowboarding these days?

It’s definitely not what it used to be. It used to so bad ass. Its definitely gone soft. There’s a million companies now and everyone seems to make a movie these days too. It’s way over saturated now. I mean Ed Hardy makes snowboards now? what is that garbage? That will fail for sure.

eric_fenceCombo Move!

If Xbox wanted to make “Eric Messier’s Pro Snowboarder” what would your reaction be?

Well first off, I doubt that will ever happen, but if it did I would be way pumped to try and actually make a good snowboarding video game. I’m not much of a gamer but I don’t think its been done yet. You’d be able to snowmobile around and pick different style jumps to build. There wouldn’t be much of an objective, just free riding around.

That powder reminds me why people make fun of rails.        p. Robbie Sell

Should snowboarders give a shit about what people think?

I think you should just be you and do what you do and never look back. There’s gonna be haters in any aspect of your life. Haters are just jealous of what you’re doing and they really have nothing better to do than be negative. I don’t know what it is. It’s a nasty generation forming of little kids hating on everything. It’s weird. Like Nate Bozung would say “Fuck It”.

Who pays for all this?

Capita Snowboards, Grenade Outerwear/Gloves, COMUNE Clothing, Airblaster Goggles, Nike Boots, and Squaw Valley USA.

Big thanks to Robbie Sell and JMoustache for photo evidence of Eric’s riding. Click their names for more of their special sauce.

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