Smokin Pool Party Part Duece

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What does every snowboard contest need? A theme! Smokin Snowboards delivered with the second annual pool party, complete with an 80s skateboard theme, April 10th at Boreal. We could bore you will all the details, but you’re just going to click through the gallery anyway. It’s mostly in black and white, so it’s more authentic to the olden days. All photos by Jim Ferrigno

Men’s winners
1st place tie — Max Weinberger and Michael Goldschmidt
2nd place — Tyler Lynch

Ladie’s winner
Alison Hardy

Men’s best trick was Mike Goldschmidt with a big boosted crippler

Truckee Horticulture Center’s “Dopest Plant” went to Tim Rechetniak with the sick miller flip hand plant on the log.

9 replies
  1. playerhatersball
    playerhatersball says:

    wow only smokin is whack enough to have their team riders win their own contest they put on.

  2. Tellin It Like It Is
    Tellin It Like It Is says:

    Are you saying they were cooler than an awkward crop of just a pipe with no one hitting it(twice)?

  3. Tellin It Like A Shit Talker
    Tellin It Like A Shit Talker says:

    I’m sure that you would have no problems getting a TW Photo Annual worthy shot out of your own sphincter, but considering that the sky was completely overcast with flat light and intermittent spots of blinding sun, I sure had a hell of a time getting my own shots. I’m sure that Jim, Lagos and IJ had just as difficult of a time.

  4. Bro!
    Bro! says:

    no No worries Alison, its Yo Beat! the whole point is to talk some good shit and speak your mind! We aren’t for everyone but if you were there we are sure you had a great time. That’s what really matters to us, bringing fun times to people down with having a fun time with us. Thanks for coming out!

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