RIP East Coast Season


Only a few sad trails remain at a few of the resorts back east. Now, we know you’ll miss all the mini shred edits from resorts without much else to offer, but never fear, they’ll be back next season! Until then…

Bush Bangers

Arguably the best thing about riding at Sugarbush is making “bush” jokes. Edit: Chris Erickson

…and from the final day of the park at Waterville Valley

Dear Flip Cam,

If you have any pull, could you bring back the snow soon? It’s going to be a long season of watching mini ramp skate edits. Edit: Jeff Holce

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  1. ryan
    ryan says:

    y does everyone hate so much on this website. straight up #1 shit face who are you to judge so hard. GNAR CARVE = Boss

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