Rock and Roll at Breck

Judging by the rest of the late season edits, we were afraid we might have to start listening to hip hop. Finally, some good old fashioned rock and roll.

Edit: Peter Larson

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  1. jeffe
    jeffe says:

    This edit really makes me want to go snowboarding. AKA. good work. maybe it was the rocknroll

  2. 720boardshop
    720boardshop says:

    Bobbi’ Grey Clifford is amazing, I’m so lucky to have him reppin my shop and for all of you who want a piece of him you better make it a good offer cause I’m takin 10%

  3. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    That was F’ing solid. Back lip then switch back lip was dope. Bums me out that the season is almost over…

    By the way, Gucci Mane is not hip hop.

  4. house of 1034
    house of 1034 says:

    ^^^^are you kidding me? you are an unoriginal nut swinger. My new crew is gonna be called cheez-tits, or maybe cheez vagina

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