Totally Gnarly King of the Hill Gallery

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All photos: Tim Zimmerman

After 10 years of not knowing who the most gnarly, extreme snowboarder in the world was, Mark Sullivan’s Tailgate Alaska brought back the King of the Hill event to Valdez this year. On April 3rd, 2010, to no one’s surprise, Travis Rice came away with the top honor. It was a three run event and he had the highest score for all three runs. No one was even close. For example, he dropped into a 2500′ face with a method off the cornice and went directly in to a 70′ backside 720 over exposure and then followed that up with a chute that wasn’t more than 3′ wide. He’s also became the first person to ever do a handplant in an big mountain contest.

As for the rest of the field, Rob Kingwill and Scotty Lago rounded out the men’s podium. For the women, Vera Janssen was crowned queen. A tie for 6th place was broken by good old fashioned arm wrestling. Tim Zimmerman was there, and since this post is entirely based on his text message/twitter reporting, we  feel we should add Lago claimed the event to be “better than the Olympics.” Shocking.


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  1. a
    a says:

    iono bout ten years ago but t.rice been the baddest for the past like five or six easy dude srsly

  2. JLD
    JLD says:

    who is travis rice? he sounds awesome. he should go boarding with trice, the pro who invented the double mctwist.

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