High Fives with Todd Richards—Pranks Forever


April fools comes and goes. Most people don’t care. Todd Richards, the 40 years old with the mentality of a 12 year-old does care. He has seen lots of pranks. Think of Todd as a terrorist of humor. Here is what he has to say about Pranks. 

What makes the perfect prank?  

My favorites are the ones that don’t make themselves known till it’s much much to late. They tend to fuck with the noodle and leave people weeping.

If you could prank anyone who would it be and what would you do? 

Dudesteak, why in the name of zombie jesus would I go and tell anyone that? I live by the motto never say never unless its maybe. 

What is the worst you’ve ever been pranked?

Well, I think once I had my board straps all adjusted wrong on a contest day, that totally fucking made me lose my marbles. No actually it was right after seeing that mind fuck movie The Grudge and one of my friends hid in the bathroom for a good 20 min until one of us had to take a leak, needless to say not all the pee pee went into the commode.

Is there a difference between pranking and getting Punked? 

Punked is kind of like getting douched. It involves that douche bag Ashton Koochole therefore punking someone is actually douching them. Pranking is flaming bag of shit type stuff. Mindfucking is screwing all of ones snowboard gear to the floor with drywall screws (remove the bootliners and the bindings before screwing then replace them after for added “my mind is melting from frustration” factor).

What is the best prank you’ve ever seen or heard about?   

Still to this day the best prank is the five foot rubber snake in the surfboard bag trick that almost killed someone with a heart attack. Tropical local, open board bag on the veranda, third day into trip, five foot rubber snake coiled under lid of bag = brown warm running down one leg.

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  1. Blunder Lillies
    Blunder Lillies says:

    So Yo Beat Tweeted “Go comment on High Fives.” because “Todd gets sad that no one does.” O.k….. there you go, my behaviors been succesfully influenced by your suggestive tweet 🙂

  2. The Jersey S8Nt
    The Jersey S8Nt says:

    I definately took the piss out of Rider university from 200-2006. I’ve nailed shoes/textbooks/ goldfish to doors… full garbage can wet downs from 3 stories garlic in the laundry….and everything inbetween. I enjoyed reading this. rock n roll man. hahaha

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