The Leak World Premiere (and full movie)


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Crack reporting by Brad Jameson

Variety Pack premiered its latest video venture last night, The Leak.  Featuring several of Salt Lake City’s most beloved up-and-comers, it’s a fun 15 minutes full of familiar faces.

Variety Pack’s Eddie Grams hosted a little pre-showing barbecue at his house where plenty of local heads were in attendance. With springtime temps and dustbowl 2010, it was a fun afternoon of hanging out with a lot of fun people all excited to see the fruits of their labor. Marty Siller put it post succinctly, “a video premier is like 12 of your friends all having a birthday on the same day.”

A quick drive up to the University of Utah’s Fine Arts Auditorium presented a crowded hall, filled with eager eyes and ears.  Everyone was here for one reason, so who needs a big introduction? The movie started playing without much warning and showcased the likes of Sean Black, Parker Duke, Ben Farrell, Matty Mo, Brandon Hammid, Alex Andrews, Ted Borland and more cameos than you can throw a tallboy at.

Afterward, it was back to Eddie’s house for a few games of beer pong before heading out to everyone’s favorite Tuesday night hangout the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars for those uneducated ones) for cheap beers, cheap pool and more beer pong.

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Congratulations to Eddie Grams, Mark Dangler and all the riders who put their time into this project.

Now, enjoy the movie!

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  1. Motivemd
    Motivemd says:

    yeeahh son. “last shot before that guard just kicked us out”….keep it up with the dope serif titles and film burns. I like it. And we like it.

  2. shredface
    shredface says:

    thats how shred vids should be. short, to the point and sick. no filler, no bs, just radicalness. i hope they release an edit including their backcountry footy

  3. AshBlaster
    AshBlaster says:

    so sick…. yea farrell and littler reppin the ice coast! and Eddie Grams and justin meyer are prolly the best filmer.editers out right now.. fuck mike benson

  4. likey
    likey says:

    I like YoBeat because they spell premiere (as in first time) and when it makes sense premier (as in ze best or leading) right. A+ you smarty pants.

  5. snowflakes
    snowflakes says:

    that farrell kid is reppin shit that littler kid isnt. fucking one shot 5050 back on out. hes reppin alot. i hate fags like him just doin 5050s everyone can do them its as basic as it gets aint reppin shit but fuck him

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