All the Way from AK it’s the Chris Brewster Hump Day



At 20 years young Chris Brewster might not be in the spotlight yet, but his future is looking bright. HCSC backs him, they even gave him a digger position, the Think Thank video crew has him filming a part and he’s Alaskan, obviously making him a great snowboarder. With a crew of friends that spans the up and coming community Chris has only one option, drop out or drop in. 

Why should anyone care about Chris Brewster?

Nobody should care about anything they don’t want to! I’m just here to snowboard, so if you like my snowboarding then I’m hyped, but if not I understand.

How did you get into snowboarding, what were your influences? 

When I was about 12 years old I started snowboarding with these two older kids named Matt Wild and Travis Reid. I give them credit on pretty much teaching me a lot of what I know. They were huge influences along with the Think Thank crew, and any professional snowboard that was from Alaska; Mark Landvik, Jon Kooley, Travis Kennedy.

What do you think about Sarah Palin?

She’s whack, I mean her catch phrase was, “What’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?” punch line, “lipstick”. And thats exactly what she is, a hockey mom that was almost vice president.

Would you have sexual intercourse with Sarah Palin if no one had to know? 

Na I don’t think so.

What’s the biggest dividend you’ve ever received from Alaska, and are you still getting them?

I did until this year, because I had to register as a resident of Utah so I could get food stamps. One year we had this tax refund thing that added 1200 dollars onto your check and the dividend was like $2000 so if I remember right I think it was around $3200.


My gut instinct is Chris was under dressed during this night mission.         p. Mertz

Do you have any skeletons in the closet? 

Man a few, not really embarrassed by them, but maybe a little. I was in choir in High School and did a couple acting plays that my high school did. My parents loved that stuff so I tried to back them up.

What were you like in High School?

Pretty much just like I am now, but a lot more hyper for sure, and a lot smaller. When I was a freshman I weighed 82 pounds and I was 5’2”. When I graduated I was still only 140 pounds.

You were a wrestler in High School. Were you any good?

I was decent I guess, best I ever did was second at state my senior year.

What is your worst habit?

I speak before I think a lot, which sucks. I’m trying to fix that. Sometimes I just talk when I shouldn’t.

Has your mouth ever gotten you into hot water? 

Oh yeah plenty of times, like story of my life. I would say I only realized I had the problem in the last year or so though, and it’s taking a while to fix.

Tits or Ass?

I hate that question. I need both.


Cold nights under dim lights, but Brewster loves it.     p. Mertz

Biggest fear?

The dark?


I’m not sure, but I am slowly getting over it I think though. It has taken years of self therapy.

What about the dark scares you?

I guess I always feel like people are going to walk up behind me and get me or something. It’s like I have to be on constant lookout, and there is always someone out there.

Do you have a fear of being raped?

Gettin’ raped would suck, but no I wouldn’t say I have a fear. I would hope I could fight the person off though if it ever happened.

brewst_railLook at that rail, that shit is cold.    p. Mertz

Do you have goals in your snowboard career? Do you want the fame and fortune, or do you just want to avoid college?

To be honest right now I am definitely avoiding college, but I have passion for snowboarding, so I would say my goal is to just keep on snowboarding for as long as I can and keep trying to travel to new places. I love going new places, so yeah, just snowboard. And keep skateboarding too.

Would you become an Alaskan oil field worker if snowboarding fell through?

No, I don’t want to ever work a job that I know I’m going to just hate and be one of those people that is miserable just so they can make a lot of money. My fall back is painting. I have painted houses for a few summers, and I like it. If you can’t tell I don’t really think or care about money that much. I love having it, but it doesn’t happen that often.

picture-43-copyIf you can call out what is going on here I would be very impressed.      p. Mertz

How is the life of an up and comer in these hard economic times?

I’m happy, I enjoy whatever I’m doing. I like to just go and see what happens. It makes living exciting. And I’m doing what I want, snowboarding, so what could be better?

Were you raised poor? 

I wouldn’t say that I was raised poor, but my family definitely didn’t have much to spare and I am just more into life for sure. I enjoy so many things that cost nothing.

Number of dollars in your bank account?

I don’t even have a bank account right now actually, and I have zero dollars in my possession.

Live fast die young or live slow die old?

Live fast die young.


Chris can handle his board, just check that stopping power.     

If snowboarding died tomorrow, what would you do?

Go skateboarding.

Best sponsor you’ve ever had?

Thirty Two helps me out and makes it so I’m able to film for Think Thank.


Signal Snowboards, ThirtyTwo, S4 optics, Drake, Milosport

If you could leave one mark on snowboarding what would you want it to be?

Maybe just hope that if someone heard my name in the future they would be like, yeah that dude was okay, pretty cool. That would be cool.


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