Pat Moore and the Return of the Boneyard

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By Tom Johnson

Back to the Boneyard is a way for Pat to pay homage to Waterville Valley, the mountain where he grew up, and it also allows for many of Pat’s New Hampshire pals to make the trek back to the Granite State. With Plymouth state minutes down the road, Waterville Valley has always had a good scene with plenty of heavy hitters (Pat Moore, Luke Matheson, Brian Barb, Preston Strout, Scotty Arnold, Chas Guldemond, Danny Garrity, and Greg Maxwell just to name a few), and the “Boneyard” was the training grounds for many of pro shreds and many of today’s “snowboarder’s snowboarders.” Pat jumped at the opportunity to bring back the days of recklessness, rad parks, and getting loose, and did it for a good cause (raising money for the Pat Moore Foundation, allowing more up and coming riders the chance to spend time at the renowned Waterville Academy).

It’s New England, and while the trend of 50 degrees and sunny days has gotten all of us into spring fever, the weather here can never be predicted. On March 23rd, it rained hard, really hard, so riders covered themselves in trash bags, while others opted for rain suits to keep themselves dry. The contest was broken up into three parts, starting off with a one-footed head-to-head GS race, moving into a jump, and then a quarter pipe with a wallride provided by Red Bull.

Pat’s mom, Deb, has played a huge role in the snowboard scene at Waterville Valley, and Pat awarded her with the “Crazy Cat Lady” award, as well as placing third in the women’s division. Masshole Zach Normandin took home the honors in the 15 and Under Division taking home a bag of swag and the world’s biggest dream catcher. High Cascade mastermind and all around rad dude Preston Strout took home to honors in the Old Dudes division, with Brian Barb coming up on countless awards as well. Oakley’s Nelson Wormsted came through with the biggest pussy award, harshest slam for a stalefish to scorpion, and a pair of pants that he will fill in no time. NH local Rob Hallowell took home the honors for the Open Division, and Waterville Coach and NHD Greg Maxwell took it home for the overall King Of The Boneyard award with handplants on the QP extension, and a HUGE McTwist. Greg took home a HUGE sword too, bad ass for sure.



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