Devils in the Closet—Corey Smith’s Hump Day


corey_51The cheek bones and boyish facial hair have a way with the ladies.      p. Jason Lee Parry

Unedited, this Hump Day was a brutally honest portrayal of the past, present and future of Corey Smith’s life. After cutting out the fat and, admittedly, loaded questions, the following interview still stands as a tribute to the man in question. Like Corey, the following responses are loud, elaborate and to the point. I’d pay specific attention to Corey’s longest response, which regards wild nights and hard living. Mr. Smith let it all hang out in this one.

A lot has changed since your last video part. How did you end up the Art Director for COMUNE?

You’re telling me man. Well, I graduated college and I was just chilling in Portland getting fucked up everyday still collecting those snowboard paychecks. I was playing in my band Death Valley just living it up. A couple hundred existential hang over’s later, and all my best homies were total drug addicts and criminals, I just needed to change the scenery. Ambiguous was my first sponsor and Frank Delgadillo (the founder) told me I could move down to LA and work for him. That shit was getting stale at Ambiguous and a couple of us were inspired to jump ship and start something new, so we did. Frank’s the man to trust in all of us! He’s a true patron of the arts and all that is creative.

While pro you were a big fish in Portland’s small pond, how is California treating you?

It’s had its ups and downs. I’ve met some really great people as well as some typical two-face, fake-ass, So-Cal people. I’ve got some really great friends down here and some friends from Portland that moved down here around the same time. It took a while to get adjusted but now I have an amazing place in Silverlake. I’m next door to the new library, a couple sweet bars, the dog park, and a liquor store. I have a mini-ramp in my garage and photo studio with an infinity wall in my living room. I live with one of my best mates from Portland, photographer Jason Lee Parry and his girl Jenny. I couldn’t ask for a better set up.


How do kids react when 200 lbs of man lands on them?    p. Neil DaCosta

What do you miss most, if anything, about being a pro snowboarder?

Umm, I miss the time before I was a pro snowboarder the most. The time before I became jaded, and I just shredded my ass off for the love. You know, like when you where just hyped to get some free stickers. I worked park crew at Mt. Hood Meadows, and at Windell’s snowboard camp in the summer. Now there’s so much drama and politics. That’s why I’ve been up in Tahoe this past month, just getting back to the love.  I swear you snowboard more when you’re not all sponsored and shooting photos and filming. corey_art_4

One of the newer pieces, “Straight to Hell”.   p. Courtesy of Corey Smith

What moments, tricks or parts are you most proud of looking back on your career?

I don’t really know, there was a bunch of stuff. I got to ride with some really great snowboarders, film, and shoot photos with some really talented people. It was all a blast. I did a layback on a concrete bank that was a CAPiTA ad and in Love/Hate. That was really fun and I felt like it was an original trick at the time. No one was doing wall rides or anything like that. It wasn’t the hardest trick but it felt so sick. I was also hyped on my last shot in “Some Kinda Life”. I aired onto this really steep rock face. It was scary as hell. It was weird back then cus you had to convince filmers of what you wanted to do. Like is that possible? Is that even snowboarding? Idiot’s back then used to think jibbing and urban shit like that wasn’t “real snowboarding”, or like it was second rate. I’m like if the shit’s strapped to my feet, I’m snowboarding man! So there was kind of a learning curve. Luckily with Neoproto I had a good open-minded group of filmers and riders. The big snowboard film companies at the time weren’t about to film me jumping off a building or riding up a wall. They were so jocked out like total extreme sports style, no alternative styles were really accepted. They were just into the biggest baddest tricks. Snowboarding today is completely deconstructed from that philosophy. Creativity and technicality is the norm. corey_9

A man and his dog.     p. Neil DaCosta

As a guy known for trying sketchy shit, what stands out as the scariest or sketchiest?

There was a bunch of scary shit! I guess filming one time with Cole Taylor for the T-9 flick, he convinced me to jump off this sketchy three-story roof at Mt. Hood Meadows. He was like “You got it dog!” and I’m like, “Fuck no I don’t! That shit is flat as hell!” I just went for it cus I didn’t want to disappoint him. Luckily I just checked out to my ass. If I had tried to take it I would have blown a knee out or blasted some teeth out for sure. I look at the footy now and I’m like what the hell was I thinking! Another thing is Scotty Wittlake had just blasted his face with his knee so I was super paranoid and I tried to be extra careful.  People get so broke off snowboarding. It’s fucked up. I’m glad I got out without anything permanent. I have knees of concrete!

What do you think of the current “scene” in snowboarding? What do you think of all the kids in tight pants or skittles costumes now?

Oh, I don’t know. I just think it’s funny when you have like snow Richie Jackson, and snow Greco, snow Tosh, snow Muska etc. then they try to snowboard on the same kind of shit with the same style. Be a snowboarder, snowboarding is cool! I will say, that I’m way more down for snowboard style that draws from skateboarding rather than from skiing. Just as long as people stop wearing the plaid pajama suits! That’s all I care about, that shit was hilarious! I think there’s some fake rockers too. Ya know they got the tight pants and expensive tattoos but they’ve probably never had a bad hang-over! I wore jeans when I snowboarded because I was waiting for Mikey to start Holden and I didn’t have an outerwear sponsor. I was so hyped when I got Holden gear. I actually had my first editorial shot in TWS wearing Holden. I think it was like a pastel yellow jacket with light grey pants! I was hyped. I looked like a giant Roxy girl. corey_10

One of the last hammers in Corey’s career. The landing could have used some work.      p. Neil DaCosta

How is the art career going?

It’s going really well. My last show in Portland had a great turn out.  I sold some work, got some great reviews, and got to see a bunch of old friends. I even did a radio interview on the country’s longest running community radio station KBOO! I was hyped!

Do you have any pieces you’re especially proud of, or that have given you considerable recognition?

I’m really proud of all the new work from the “Obsolete Dreams” show in Portland. I got some great reviews from some legit art critics on that show. I’m also really proud of “Too Much Remote Not Enough Control”. It took me like two years to collect all the remote controls for that piece. The weirdest thing is, when I went to lay them all out on the panel to create the flag, I had exactly enough to fill the panel! Not one more or less! It was super weird. But yeah that’s my favorite piece. corey_art_2

“Too Much Remote, Not Enough Control” a new piece.     p. Courtesy of Corey Smith

Do you see a time when you can survive solely based on your art?

If you consider snowboarding an art form, what I do creatively at COMUNE, and my art, I’d say I’ve been surviving off my art and creativity for the past 10 years. It’s feast or famine, that’s how it goes. I ain’t no rich kid. I’m also terrible with money so that never helps. I hate money.

Which gets more ladies, being a pro snowboarder or an exhibited artist?

Well both pull the groupies, but being an artist gets way classier ladies. I don’t do anything specifically to get the ladies. But, it is always nice to get a blowy from a total stranger without having to do anything!

In a way you glorify the bad boy, do you think that’s an accurate assumption?

Like “Bad Boy Club”? I mean I don’t know, I do what the fuck I want. I’ve lived a crazy life. I was raised in a psychic cult for crying out loud! corey_article1

Can anyone translate the Russian above the wolf head?    p. Jason Lee Parry

What are some crazy stories for our readers?

Well there’s the time I holed up in the presidential suite at hotel Lucia with Sean Lennon and a bunch of models for a coupe days. We bought like a grand of assorted drugs and just got weird. I took a hot bath for like a day, then I just chilled in my white hotel robe, I thought I could speak different languages. The girls were all tripping out, trashing the place ordering room service and jumping around. We were singing songs and just tripping out. I love that dude, he’s a genius like his father. Another time I was up all night partying with Courtney Taylor from the Dandy Warhols and we decided to go white water rafting that morning. One minute I was fucked up blowing lines drinking a thousand dollar bottle of wine (from his extensive South French old vine collection) and the next I was white water rafting down the Deschutes in Eastern Oregon. We rented a raft and everything. Straight time travelled to the raft. This last summer I lived in house in Los Feliz with a bunch of homies. It was called the “red house”, and it was so legit. It was a huge Spanish style mansion with a pool in the back. The lady that owned it was loaded. Apparently she made a bunch of money off Viagra stock before it got huge. Anyway she lived in a little studio on the property and she was always fucked up. Just a terrible alcoholic cougar. She had her tits done and always had booze and wanted to party with all the guys. I couple of my buddies who shall remain unnamed ended up bangin’ her, it was a bizarre situation. This one night she went on a tequila, xanax, cocaine, infused blacked out rage. She broke into our house around 3AM and went after one of my roommates with a kitchen knife! She straight attacked him in bed while he was sleeping. Luckily my other roommate saw her and was able to wrestle her to the ground. She was like banging on the door with the kitchen knife and stabbing it. She ended up breaking off the blade and cutting the shit out of her hand. It was like a total crime scene, blood everywhere. Ben Rice was cooking mac n’ cheese and video recorded a bunch of it with his little Elph. We called the cops and she escaped through the neighborhood on foot. Her sister said they would send her to rehab and she’d manage the property so we didn’t see her for a couple weeks.  Two weeks later we come home and she’s in a gold bikini, passed out by the pool face down! We’re just like what the fuck? Then she looked up at us and did a fire roll into the pool. She sank to the bottom sat there for a minute then came back up and started doing the breaststroke like nothing happened! That was it; we packed our shit and moved the fuck out. I’m freaked out cus she’s still out there cruising around Hollywood partying and shit. Another crazy thing about that story is she’s like this wannabe actress of course, right? Our lawyer was investigating her and apparently she was in this short film that was shot in our house where she stabbed someone to death in that room where my roommate was living! It’s like she was all fucked up reliving this crappy acting role! Shit what else, when I was like 20 I stole a school bus in Government Camp with a buddy, actually he stole it I was just along for the ride scared shitless. Went to jail for five days for riding on a stolen go-cart. How funny is that? Stole an abandon Honda Accord that was stuck on a dirt road and drilled it against the entire guardrail of the Timberline access road. Anytime I’m with Matty Ryan or Ben Rice shit gets wild. Anytime I’m with Dead Dave in Portland shit goes south. I should write a book. It’s been a blur of good times, love triangles, shitty tattoos, a car fire, snowboarding, world travel, some crappy fights, and a shit ton of trashy good times. Too many funny stories and good times to list. It’s like that Dash Snow collage piece, “I forget more than you’ll ever know”. All good party stories end with the same thing “Officer the cuffs are hurting me”.  Good times. Gotta get yer ya ya’s out ya know! corey_3

A few years ago this feature was a groundbreaker.    p. Courtesy of Corey Smith

How do you always manage to land models as girlfriends?

I think that’s just a coincidence. I like beautiful girls and they usually seem to be models. I like em’ tall and skinny that’s it. I’m trying to stay away from just looks, and date smart legit girls. Less Amy Winehouse and more Chloe Sevigny in 2010. Job and college degree are mandatory! I’m trying to settle down find the love of my life and successfully duplicate my DNA; ya know catch the 18-year STD. I love kids!

What’s your advice to the young man who has just broken up with his girlfriend?

Get laid as soon as possible. That’s what my Dad told me, or maybe that’s what Chris Coyle told me, I can’t remember. My Dad did tell me “Speed not Weed” so I’m not sure if it’s good advice… Bitches lie, that’s actually the next tattoo I’m getting, so I’m probably not the best guy to ask for relationship advice.


Years ago when this was a statement.    p. Courtesy of Corey Smith

You quit smoking cigarettes, why?

I don’t know I was just over it. It’s like lighting money on fire.

Do you have regrets? Why or why not?

Eh, I don’t have any regrets. I just try to do the best I can. That’s all you can do. corey_art_3

“Obsolete Dreams” a new series.   p. Courtesy of Corey Smith

What is your advice for little kids that see you as a hero of sorts?

Just be yourself and don’t give a fuck about what anyone says. Anyone can be hater. It takes a certain kind of person to be an original. There’s tons of people out there that will never do shit with their life, so all they can do is hate on people who are making moves. A lot of them are probably getting ready to write some comments on this interview!

How would you like to die?

Shit, I don’t know. How about I’m standing on a pyramid with a thousand naked ladies throwing pickles at me? Or, shark attack!

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  1. JpBergeron
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    The first time I ever saw Corey was coming back from a party during the Transworld Team Challenge when it was at Snow Summit- he was kicking the shit out of the Northwoods hotel limo…
    I’ve thought of him as ‘kung fu corey’ ever since…

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    Corey do you really have that same dream with the pyramid and pickle throwing sluts? That’s Laslow, he lives in the closet.

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    What is your advice for little kids that see you as a hero of sorts? *read: Dude, you’re my hero, got any advice?

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    Hell ya Corey! Proud to say you’re a homie of mine! Can you hook me up with your old landlord?? She sounds fun as hell!!!

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    mr. smith, you are the only snowboarder who is influential regardless of snowboarding.
    if only more professionals weren’t just one dimensional “bros” we might actually end up being more than just wanna-be skateboarders.

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