In the Wake of a Champ


If you’re going to lose in the Firing Squad, it’s nice to at least lose to a photo that goes the distance like the above shot by Jeff Hehlen. A true champ. We’ll be officially inducting Jeff to the Champions Gallery tomorrow, but since we have been failing at identifying the losing shot’s photographer each week, we figured it was time to give the shots he defeated their 15 minutes.

Week 1


Photographer: James Greeley
Rider: Scotty Schmidt
Location: under a lift that doesnt allow snowboards

This photo was taken midway through a trip through Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Tahoe. After driving from SLC to the middle of nowhere Idaho for two days we took a lil trip up to PC to scout out and find some rails and what not. We found this lil corral gateway stall thing right off the side of the road in plain site and in a place where you can’t legally snowboard. We all figured it would be a bust, but didn’t want to be shut out for the day so we set it up anyway. Scotty got this FS rock pretty much first try so after that it just became a fun session with short “illegal” powder lines between shots of stalling on a fence. Love it or hate it… we all enjoy stalling on things from time to time.

More of James’s work:

Week 2


Photographer: Alex Nawrocky

More of Alex’s Work:

Week 3


Photographer: Abe Blair
Rider: Kyle Martin

Went to a little know spot near Bachelor with Kyle to see if there was enough snow to shoot this goal post type tree.  Took like 3 hours to scrape enough snow together for the lip and the flat landing.  I set up an Elinchrom kinda behind the lip/tree truck and another Elinchrom to shooters left of the landing.  Kyle tested the speed a few times and then went for it.  Once he had the speed dialed we decided a stalefish would look pretty sick (he wasn’t feeling the double cork.)  I think we shot  3 maybe 4 photos the whole time.  Thanks Kyle and Pete for making this happen.

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Week 4

David Duffy

Photographer: Amy Galbraith
Rider: David Duffy

This photo was taken with a Canon 1D Mark II N and a 70-200 mm lens in Jackson Hole in early February. It was one of the few sunny days we had after the series of storms and the rider, David Duffy, had been scoping out a chute off of one of the chairlifts. He decided to go for it and I set myself up on the opposite ridge. He rode out clean and I kept shooting his turns on the way down, ending up with this shot. The photos of the chute didn’t demonstrate the steepness and difficulty of the line like I had hoped, but I got a nice pow slash shot that I was satisfied with. I like how it looks from a distance, since most pow shots are closer up. I look at this photo with fond memories as it was one of the few pow days we had here in Jackson Hole this year.

More of Amy’s work:

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