High Fives with Special Guest Danny Kass!


Photo: Brendan Coughlin

Todd took off to become the Ultimate Boarder, leaving us high and dry for our Friday funnies. However, we ran into superstar Danny Kass and decided waiting on Todd sounded stupid. So here it is folks, High Fives with Danny Kass.

Are you going to win the US Open this year, why or why not?

I was planning a driving trip to Alaska with (Dustin) Craven, so could be hard if I’m not there.

In what direction do you see yourself headed in both business and snowboard superstardom?

Seems to be busier and busier. Just want to have fun with this awesome opportunity and keep on rocking, making rad gear and doing wilder stuff on my snowboard(toys).

What would you do on your TV show with an endless budget?

I would go to Antartica and shred, get to the the moon or close, and make a most extreme elimination to every episode. And also I would get some new tires for the RV.

How famous are you really? Have you had any “Holy Shit I’m famous” moments, and what’s it like?

I don’t think I am that famous, but I have meet a ton of cool people that love snowboarding or our crazy antics. It makes for some good stories and meeting people you never thought possible. Somehow I met Stevie Wonder, that was crazy. I think it is sweet for kids to geek out on riders. I did heavily growing up on skaters and earlier shredders, still do.

Are you planning to go back to New Zealand this summer? Will they let you back in?

I have been back since. There is talk about doing a Grenade Games in the Southern Hemisphere, so it is up to NZ or Australia. I don’t think I will be spending nearly as much time as I did last summer though.

18 replies
  1. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I’ve just never been a huge fan of Kass… He’s like a snowboarding Ryan Sheckler with his TV show and shit…

    Reality TV shows are for vanity freaks.

  2. haters
    haters says:

    whatever, if you were offered a tv show with money covering all your costs to have a wild time with your homies- you would.

    dont hate. DK > most.

  3. jimbo
    jimbo says:

    Oh for sure I would take the money in a heartbeat. And I know he’s not as primpy and self-involved as Sheckler, I just meant the fact that he has his own reality TV show is kinda lame. I think reality TV in general has completely ruined the creative minds of our youth. Now all of our daughters will grow up thinking real life is like The Hills or something.

    But anyways, he’s a pretty decent rider, but I’m not a fan of him selling-out to the media-whores of reality TV

  4. New Jersey sucks
    New Jersey sucks says:

    at least he was smart enough to get outa vernon with their ducttape wallets hahahaha

  5. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Make that money with creativity man (not talking about Kass right now, he’s pretty creative I’d say). Everybody just recycles the same crap over and over. Every decent movie that comes out these days is either based off an old TV show, movie, book or its just a sequel. There haven’t been many good, truly original ideas for shows or movies in awhile, and reality TV is surely to blame

  6. NotSoJaded
    NotSoJaded says:

    If your daughter grows up thinking real life is the Hills then you should get off your ass and do some parenting. Reality tv ruined creativity? Nothing is original? The original Frankenstein movie from the 30s was based on a book and so was just about every other movie back then. Want something original write it yourself.

  7. RE4M
    RE4M says:

    People that are hating!!! Have you actually watched the Danny & Dingo Show… Cause Im pretty sure its nothing like Ryans show who just cried about his parents getting divorced or how he didnt have a girlfriend. Hell In the Danny and Dingo Show you got Scotty Lago running from some dude after he smashed up the dudes beemer! Instant Classic… The show actually features snowboarding which I dont think Ryans show really did feature skateboarding all too much.

    But hey Hate Away only means there doing something right!!!!

  8. Jerlene Demendonca
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