Sessions Log Jam ’10 Wrap Up

It was a big weekend for serious and not-so-serious events March 13-14th with the Ride Shakedown in Seattle, Picnic in the Park/Redbull Buttercup in Wisconsin and the Sessions Log Jam at Boreal. We’ve been bringing you not-so-timely coverage all week, so when Sessions sent us this Log Jam wrap up four days after the event, it was basically perfect timing!

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The 4th annual Sessions Log Jam took place this past Sunday under sunny skies and warm temperatures at Boreal Ski Resort. Snowboarders and skiers came from the far reaches of Lake Tahoe to find a fun and challenging course that would push their limits and make them think outside the box.

Riders had the option to take three different lines. The left line included a wooden log that sent you over a cat track into an up log that you needed to take a good amount of speed into to make the landing. The middle line consisted of a 35 foot jump with a steel pole jam coming out the right side of the lip. This jump took you into another smaller tabletop that had three different lip options and a 12 foot tall tree in the middle that you could tap and spin off of.

The right line started out with a stair case feature. Down flat down on the left and a down box on the right. If you made it through the staircase you got to hit an elevated log stall, which ended up being one of the more popular features. Some highlights included front and backside threes off the steel pole jam, miller flips over the log stall and some super creative high speed gaps.

The goal with the Sessions Log jam is to have a fun filled laid pack day, ride a unique park with your friends and maybe win some stuff while your at it. Everyone that came out to partake in the Log Jam had huge smiles on their faces to go with their fresh goggle tans.

A big thanks to our sponsors; Porters, Bataleon, Atomic, 4 Front Skis, Smith, Zumies, Skull Candy and Dragon.
A huge thanks to Boreal for building a sweet park and hosting the event and a special thanks to everyone that came out to ride!

See ya next year!

Men’s Snow
1st Place: Johnny Brady
2nd Place: Tim Rechetniak
3rd Place: Garrett Austin

Women’s Snow
1st Place: Danyale Patterson
2nd Place: Monica Cline
3rd Place: Emma Young

Men’s Ski
1st Place: Mikhail Gadomski
2nd Place: Matt Nelson
3rd Place: Charlie Ingalls

Women’s Ski
1st Place: Courtney Royce

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