Official Ride Shakedown Main Event Results and Video


Thanks to the magic of “the Internet” we knew who landed, who blew it and who made money the minute it happened at the Ride Shakedown at the Summit at Snoqualmie and stayed warm while watching! Some members of out faithful staff toughed out the elements though, so the full story, photos, scandalous secrets and more will be coming soon. For now, top honors went to…


1. Matts Kulisek
2. Manuel Diaz
3. E-Man Anderson


1. Megan Ginter
2. Hana Beaman
3. Megan Whiteside

Video courtesy SixEleven Productions

3 replies
  1. b-yo
    b-yo says:

    best webcast stream i have ever had. wish i could have seen some of those gnarly crashes live in person. insanity as usg.

  2. Grinch
    Grinch says:

    Word is Austin won the rail portion of the contest. Big up to Austin, one of my favorite riders to watch!

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