Magic Mondays: Path Lines


The streets are dead, the paths are where it’s at. A collaborative effort from Magic Hair Productions and The Bang Show

Edit: John Cywinski

  • 1337pwner

    max and greg eat each others’ butts. o nlyk shuvl the stairz

  • does anyone snowboard for real any more, or is it all for fun these days.

  • carl

    ^^uhhh… huh?^^

  • huh

    the back 50 back 3 out front three over the barricade then back board 270 prtzl out is done twice. sick line tho

  • Blake Geis

    the same line was in this twice

  • I see myself trying this, and destroying myself on the barricade. Looks fun as hell though

  • peter dolch

    Dude that kid picked through the trash for that beer can, it was empty before he even got it . consider this getting called out on being a mark

  • ienjoyedneoprotobut…

    nahh man, everyone just snowboards for sex, drugs, and fashion.

  • Questionable….people

  • Hater

    yeah he did it twice, cuz the first was wack and the second was legit. dumbass kids.

  • pete

    na man snowboarding isn’t supposed to be fun.. you need to spin as much as you can, do double corks, and have the most amplitude.. look at shaun white and do exactly what he does thats what snowboarding really is

  • paul

    ^^^^^ i know that’s the cool thing to say now, but snowboarding isn’t and shouldn’t be fun all the time. if it is, your doing something wrong.

  • for_real

    Peep FODT’s Hard to Earn and the newest video that FODT is filming that drops next fall. All “for real” snowboarding.

  • FODT. hard as fuck. streets of salt lake city… Mormons are hood as fuck…

  • alfie

    ya mormons!

  • I just remember a quote Scotty Wittlake once told me.

    “if you aren’t completely scared shitless standing on top of a jump or rail, its not worthy.”

    I think that’s true. I mean fun snowboarding is one thing, and I agree we all need to have fun snowboarding, but if you get paid to snowboard or even get free snowboards don’t you think that you should be at a level that is better than the average joe? If you want to see “Fun” snowboarding and Gnarly snowboarding combined, watch the old Robot Food Movies. It just seems like alot of kids these days dont try as hard as the old dudes when it comes to being a pro snowboarder. Don’t get me wrong. there are definitely alot of kids that do work there asses off and kill it, but I mean to be a Pro snowboarder these days is super hard! do you know how many amazing snowboarders there are out there without board sponsors? Its crazy!

    Now don’t take this the wrong way. All I am saying is that dudes like Shaun White and all the kids doing double corks are pushing the sport. you may think its dumb and stupid, but chances are you just cant do the tricks so you instantly think they are dumb. You can’t tell me that Shaun White’s run in the Olympics wasn’t amazing. He was going bigger on his double corks than everyone else was going on straight airs!

    Anyways, kids go have “Fun”, but don’t bitch when you aren’t getting a big paycheck or free boards.

  • No offense to anyone in the video. I was just trying to make a point in general and it just happened to fall on this video. I don’t know why. Anyways the video was good and it looks like you dudes are having a good time. ciao

  • 1337pwner


  • cheesedick

    me and shaun white had gay sex last night and even his penis can do double corks!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG