Tahoe Helltrack


Helltrack has been an ongoing project in the hills of Lake Tahoe. Thanks to B.J. Baur and Roan Rogers for inviting me and some friends to go shred it. Don’t ask me where it is because I was literally blindfolded and flown in by helicopter.– Zak Shelhamer

  • rad

    it isn’t the hell track without cru jones.

  • todd loves black widows

    zach you are awesome ! looks so fun

  • e

    looks damn fun, great vid….nice to see something different

  • Souva

    hahaha trails made for snowboards. makes me want to go down to my local trails and blast through them on my shred stick. such an awesome idea.

  • yup


  • ya…where is the kix bowl? and lori loughlin

  • Fuck yeah Zach, gotta love some good-ol-fashioned BMX jumps. Nothing beats hitting a 25 foot jump that only sends you 5 feet away from where you started. The best way to get distance on a jump… is STRAIGHT UP!

  • matias

    those pictures look awesome

  • wowwyy…. looks like the most fun thing ever…. too bad its not like dirt jumps where they’ll last years

  • nj

    these jumps have given me hell before so i’m pretty impressed to see you got go pro footy of the big ones…sick shots zachary

  • Me

    Best video in a while. Snowboarding is awesome when it’s not about tall Ts and fronting.

    Also, it’s absolutely insane that Big Bear has more snow than Tahoe. Go figure.

  • Eli

    So sick…. that type of shit is mad fun.

  • pootie tang

    Hell yeah! That’s what gets me stoked to shred! Awesome idea and edit. Good job, boys.

  • Blake Geis

    can’t hate on a rhythm section like this. so fucking fun

  • chris

    nice vid. looks really fun. but “Me” its a joke to say that big bear has more snow than tahoe, if you would have said more rain then yes, its true, but not even close to as much snow.

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    fuckin’ sick, the only thing thing that would make this better is if it was edited with “Break the Ice” by John Farnham.

  • TMax

    Mr. Rodgers is a shovel obsessed genius. Good times.

  • found this jewel smoking a bleeze takin the dogs on a walk, much appreciated.

  • Hell, I would believe Bear has more snow. I live in Tahoe, there ain’t shit here in a lot of places